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A literary personality Bhimraj Vajrad has come up with a film on the significance of Sri Mouneshwara Swamiji who is known for miracles that dates back to 400 years ago.

The beauty of this film is the Hindu Muslim integration that is very essential to the present day. Both the religion people offered prayers and got blessings. There is even a mix of two religion Shloka that is recited in the temple of Northern Karnataka of Sri Moneshwara.

It is a devotion filled cinema and the ‘Ananda’ is another face of Priti says well educated Bhimraj Vajrad. In the regions of Bijapur, Bagalkot, Raichur, Gulbarga the Mouneshwara is well known. Director wants it to spread to entire Karnataka and elsewhere. He has shot for the film at places where Mouneshwara Swami lived.

On Monday morning Padmasri Prod Doddarange Gowda released audio CD of the film ‘Sri Moneshwara Mahatme’ said he came to know about the significance through a student of him in PHD. After 12th century the ‘Sharanas’ spread to different places for finding life and many have contributed very well. Cinema should not be stagnant and it should go on flowing like running water. Bhimraj film is one such film that would appeal to the masses felt Prof Gowda. According to Gowda the Vachanas have come out from experience base.

Mahesh has appeared in Sri Mouneshwara role after passing audition. In seventy days he has adjusted with some sacrifice to the role. Senior actor Ramaswamy learnt about Sri Mouneshwara while working for the film as father of Sri Mouneshwara. Spandana mother of child Mouneshwara and grown up Mouneshwara felt very challenging for doing aged role in this film. Shivakumara Aradhya another senior actor is in Parvathajja role and it is very close to his heart.

Master Chinmayi is in the ‘Bala Mouneshwara’ role felt happy for such a good role coming to him.
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