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Title – Srinivasa Kalyana, Producer – Bharat Jain and MGS, Direction – MG Srinivas, Music – Midun Mukundan and Raghu Thane, Cinematography – Ashwin Kadambur, Cast – Srinivas, Nikila Rao, Kavitha Gowda, Priyanka Rao, Dattanna, Achyuthkumar, Sudhakar (rockline), Dr RT Rama, Sujay Shastry and others.


What a pleasant and disciplined work from MG Srinivas and team indeed! The film is easily another ‘Kirik Party’ in its strength, the infatuation, crush, disturbance etc in the form of ‘Arishadwargas’ is depicted in convincing style by MG Srinivas. This is his best so far. His Simply Kail Awesome and Topiwala with Upendra as hero were in different mood. There is high class maturity in his thoughts via ‘Srinivasa Kalyana’.


The young team of Srini is at work is easily assessable. From 1995 High School age love to Moksha in the end of this ‘Srinivasa Kalyana’ – 128 minutes film is pure coffee in the first half and second half is double filter strong coffee for the audience. The dialogues, costumes, technical aspects in high standard make this film on par with any other language films of India.


The narration pattern of Srinivas and taking the mantle of hero besides concentrating on every aspect of cinema Srinivas shows strength that he will be front runner list soon. He has understood the needs of all age group and fixed the flow of the film with great team effort.

The connectivity what Dattanna gives to LK Balu (Srinivas) is at the right time. The Kama, Kroda, Lobha, Moha, Mada, Matsarya plus the ‘Moksha’ – of course marriage with girl Moksha to Sriniva to bring fitting tribute to title ‘Srinivasa Kalyana’ – the film enlighten the younger generation.


LK Balu has a very affectionate father (Achyuthkumar) and friend Benki Seena (Sujay Shastry). In the school days Balu presume that Akshara (Kavitha Gowda) is in love with him. That is infatuation. In this stage we find Matsara when another girl comes to stay in the home of Balu.

When Balu grows up he finds a phone call one day that Akshara is getting married. The Moha on Akshara washes away. At this stage another lass Radha (Nikila Rao) with rare qualities – a boy should go on rejecting her demands become attractive for Balu. When he is all set to announce his love, he is caught in a small trouble when he enters a prostitute house forcibly. Radha in an angry mood marries someone only to repent in the later stage of life the good nature of Balu.


So the ‘Moksha’ is waiting for Balu that he never misses. Moksha (Priyanka Rao) is lively and bubbly. So the film ends on a happy note in the life of LK Balu.


Srinivas in the lead role strikes with good emotion and dialogues are well written for his role. It is Sujay Shastry who takes the attention at many places from his comedy timing.


The two lovely looking girls Kavitha Gowda and Nikila Rao in debut have set a good platform with good performance. Both have strong future in tinsel town. The two grand actors Dattanna and Achyuthkumar are very ease in their roles.

The cinematography of Ashwin Kadumbur is one of the best parts of the film. The use of new cameras and black/white mood for the film is impeccable.


Two music directors Midun and Raghu Thane add extra strength to this film ‘Srinivasa Kalyana’. The sharpness in editing was required in some places.


This is worth a dekko!  

Score –3/5 ***

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