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Bengaluru Regional Censor Officer Srinivasappa is exposed for his hurting statements, not producer friendly approach and not maintaining the uniform policy of censor guidelines.


Hero and producer Karthik Chandra of ‘Ravi History’ exposed the attitudes of the Regional Censor Officer Srinivasappa layer by layer after the film was viewed for censor. In a clash that was most unwanted for a humble and simple Kannada producer Karthik Chandra the resultant impact is the film getting U/A certificate from FCIT – Tribunal in New Delhi. The film was not placed even for Revising Committee as Srinivasappa said he will be in the committee and would not pass this film.

The producer and hero of the film Karthik Chandra was invited after watching the film and told to take a decision on the spot to cut the 80 seconds of the song and on four cuts. Karthik Chandra was compelled on this issue but he agreed for 80 seconds cut of the song. Director Madhu Chandra and music director of the film completely disagreed with the stand of producer and hero acceptance.

For going to Regional Censor Officer in Koramangala and urging for allowing the 80 seconds of the songs producer and director received a set back again and asked to stand at a distance. What is your film name, I have 26 films in the list stated RO.

Ravi History was compelled to go to New Delhi for wrong treatment by Srinivasappa. At Tribunal Manmohan Sarin did not raise any objections and was given U/A – thus three years none of the Kannada cinema entered Tribunal has come to the kitty of this film – it is a real history for ‘Ravi History’ Kannada cinema.

Director Madhu Chandra also felt deeply hurt with the attitudes of Regional Censor Officer Srinivasappa. Actress Pallavi Raju expressed her shock with such attributions to the film. She plays a police officer in the film.

The reason for film six months delay is because of this running around. The need of those who know cinema and express wider perspective should occupy the positions of RO is the urgent need.

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