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TITLE – SIDDARTHA, Producer – Smt Parvathamma Rajakumar, Direction – Prakash Jayaram, Music – V Harikrishna, Cinematography – Krishna Kumar, Cast – Vinay Rajakumar, Apoorva Arora, Ashish Vidyarthi, Ashwini Gowda, Achyuth Kumar, Sadhu Kokila, Ashok, Sudharani, Nikki, Gurunandan, Nayana, Deepika, Umesh, Alok, Jeevan, Vinod, Mani Shetty and others.

This is the 2015 love story precisely. Prakash Jayaram has made a good research and he is ahead in fact in some of the scenes. The routine is rubbished in this film. The advancement in scenes is the peak of the film.

Debutant from the family of Dr Rajakumar fourth generation Vinay Rajakumar has given striking performance. He is at ease on the requisites of an actor. He is cool and at the same time very fresh on screen. Telling I love you at first meet and a few days later asking for ‘Kiss’ is no doubt the face book and twitter advanced thought of Prakash Jayaram.

Look at the intelligence of Prakash Jayaram. A long shot of traffic cop taking bribe captured in the mobile, director uses this when the cop disturb the romantic mood of lovers.

The portions of Ashish Vidyarthi and Vinay Rajakumar you would laugh to the top for 15 minutes. One would feel such scenes should have come earlier.

For the ‘God of acting Dr Rajakumar’ his grandson Vinay has done complete justice in delivering lovely results on screen.

Siddarth….is not Buddha in any angle! He has four friends in which one is a lady. Friendship is what keeps at highest esteem. Accidently he stands before the students of Art School with only guitar covering his private parts. At this point he falls in love with Kushi (APoorva Arora). What transform later on is friendship and love. When two families also come for a marriage of their children Siddarth wants to take a break.

He suggests for 20 days of life with his friends as they also feel he has changed completely after he fell in love with Kushi. This 20 days fun frolic of Siddarth and friends leads to some misunderstanding. Kushi well before 20 days spying on Siddarth says she wants to take a break for one year to continue her studies in London. Siddarth says he want to wait. Sincerely wait but Kushi ditch Siddarth by selecting Rahul as her boy friend.

What happens in the Kalyana Mantapa? You better watch the film without fail.

Vinay Rajakumar seems to be blessed with Dr Rajakumar. He is very casual and up to date. He takes on goons with courage. He looks stylish and this youngster performance never drops the film.

Apoorva Arora has a good opportunity as Kushi. Achyuth Kumar is brilliant as father, Alok, Nayana, Jeevan and Vinod as friends, Ashish Vidyarthi as father of Apoorva have done superb.

V Harikrishna top song is Raghu Dixit song at the competition; he has two more melodies to hold your attention. Krishnakumar camera work is class apart.

‘Siddartha’ is a family film. Children can go with parents, youths cannot miss this one.

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