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Title – Smuggler, Producer – Gowramma and Priya Haasan, Direction – Veeru and Priya Haasan, Music – Chakri, Cinematography – Sahadev, Cast – Priya Haasan, Ramana, Suman, Ravi Kaale, Sayyaji Shindhe, Ramesh Bhat, Relengana Shakuntala, Mithra, Suman, Pandiraj and others are in the cast.

With action directors Ram Lakshman, Ram Shetty, Kaurava Venkatesh, Thriller Manju – Priya Haasan has made a full length action cinema. She struggles very hard and some are chilling action scenes. In dialogues at least she makes that she is master of martial arts.

The film has very punching dialogues and how Priya Haasan pounces in two roles – traditional Katyayini and mod looking Cyrus is very heavy for the actress.

From foreign land Cyrus takes the onus of Rs.5000 crores gold smuggle to the safety. It is a mission on which the opponent gang and CBI on the other side go out to fight. When Cyrus comes to India, look alike Katyayini joins the scene in rabble rousers attack. There are many occasions for big fight. The look of Cyrus and Katyayini finally leads to some confusion. The CBI puts a strong platform to identify the strength of Cyrus and her mission.

Finally it is the power and intelligence of Cyrus earns the purpose of her mission. Where is this Rs.5000 crore gold? You have to presume that it is in a special car that Cyrus drives the cops chase in the last scene.

It is Priya Haasan film throughout. She has taken multiple responsibilities; she had even delivered a song in this film. She is in action best. Priya Haasan has taken a lot of strain in this ‘Smuggler’.

All other actors in front of Priya Haasan are reduced considerably. Sahadev cinematography is tolerable and Chakri music is quite OK.

Priya Haasan has sung very well the song Dum Dum Naka Nanna Loka…..
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