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Here is a stupendous development to a Kannada film of Kichcha Sudeep ‘PAILWAN’, Releasing in five languages Pailwan is hitting in over 4000 screens in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi languages. It is 2400 screens in ‘Hindi’ language.

The auspicious day ‘Anantha Padmanabha Festival Day’ – September 12, Thursday the film ‘Pailwan’ is hitting screen at early morning 5.30 am.

Pailwan produced by Swapna Krishna in RRR Production is directed by S Krishna an ace cameraman too. Karunakar handled the camera while Arjun Janya is music composer for this film.

For the first time Suniel Shetty plays big brother to Kichcha Sudeep in the film. There is boxing and wrestling for Kichcha Sudeep in this film.

Akanksha is the female lead of this film with co actors like Kabhir Singh Duhan, Avinash, Sushant Singh, Sharat Lohitashva, KS Ravi Kumar and others in the cast.

At the pre release media briefing crazy star V Ravichandran was chief guest. After watching the trailer of the film ‘Pailwan’ V Ravichandran disclosed that there is ‘Fire’ in the film. As Krishna I have won and now you are Krishna as director and producer would definitely win. The winning element is seen in the film. My dear Sudeep like Dodmaga has sacrificed for this film. It is not easy to gain weight and reduce weight. I wish Rs.100 crore club for the film. I also want to see Sudeep growing to further heights.

Music director Arjun Janya says the film last reel is on par with the Hollywood films. You would definitely agree why Sudeep is ‘Abhinaya Chakravarthy’ mentioned Arjun Janya.

Karthik Gowda of KRG Studios releasing the film all over India and in abroad countries stated that it is roughly 4000 screens for the film.

The closed theatres are reopening. I have traced 50 such theatres releasing Pailwan. In Dubai countries around 45 screens, in Karnataka 400 screens, Hindi language of Pailwan in 2400 screens, in Telugu it is 400 screens, in Malayalam around 90 screens, in Tamil it is 300 screens. A day later some of the languages are opening up. In Australia, Africa, USA, UK Europe, Russia there is demand for this film stated Karthik Gowda.

Kichchca Sudeep thanking ‘Anna’ V Ravichandran for his presence said for the rest of his life he would be ‘Chiraruni’ for him. The bondage is good with Ravi sir he stated.

On working for ‘Pailwan’ Kichcha Sudeep said there is improvement from his language to language dubbing. He has dubbed his voice in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi languages. He did not give a try to Malayalam language.

There should be good and bad films but not wrong films. This Pailwan is very good in that respect. S Krishna has not just made a film to make profits from the business. He has put in extremely good effort. It was fabulous one stated Kichcha Sudeep. According to Sudeep the discipline he maintained throughout the shooting time is the hangover for him. He is extremely happy because his daughter Sanvi had told ‘Vaav, Is that You Appa’. It is very difficult to get such appreciation in the family.

One pertinent point that Kichcha Sudeep mentioned was class of his own. From looking at Pailwan give credit to maker and technicians. Give me the support after that. It is rare to hear from any commercial hero today. Kudos to Kichcha Sudeep for such grand thinking!

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