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One of the long standing, committed, clever and humble production managers of Kannada cinema Sunder Raj has completed 100 films in Kannada as production manager.

Recently met with an accident and fractured his leg near Kabbalamma temple Sunder Raj salutes the veterans who have given him opportunity to work in the cinema profession.

Sunder Raj started his career in the camp of Dorai Bhagwan in Chennai in late 60’s, He was a clap boy. For the film ‘Benkiya Bale’ – it was Rs.3.50 as Bata and Rs.5 as per day remuneration for him. He was closet in the family of Dr Rajakumar family – he was with Honnavalli Krishna and others in the house of Dr Rajakumar.

Later in the years Sunder Raj moved to films of Dr Vishnuvardhana from ‘Soorappa’, he keeps Soorappa Babu in highest regard like how he likes and loves Toogudeepa Productions challenging star Darshan, BC Patil and a few others.

Sunder Raj has found his profession very difficult when the work was not regular. The contract work fixed troubled the money management for him but his better half in the house a disciplined lady is strong enough to manage. Later on daily wages Rs. 2500 was fixed but the life was not bed of roses for production managers says Sunder Raj.

I have seen honest and humble people in my life. Taking out one of the incidents of his life he quotes the BC Patil humbleness. For one of the films Sunder Raj asked for Rs.2 lakhs as remuneration for the complete film as production manager. BC Patil fixed Rs.1.5 lakhs. Sunder Raj drawn Rs.1 lakh from his account but kept the balance with BC Patil hoping a family function would call for quick funds. When the family function took place after months, BC Patil asked Sunder Raj to contact his wife Smt Vanaja Patil. To the surprise of Sunder Raj a cover was kept in the cupboard written as Sunder Raj payment was handed over to him. Sunder Raj was speechless with such gratitude and honesty.

Suder Raj is very fond of challenging star Darshan and his affinity with Dr Vishnuvardhana was also marvelous in those days. Dr Vishnu once told him to help with a right project that comes from his side.

With nearly 100 films and only habit of consuming a few pegs, Suder Raj is very happy and content at home. His wife is a good manager of the family. A house in Vayalikaval is because of his wife he remembers. The eldest daughter marriage was held a few years ago. Sunder Raj son working as cameraman for a television channel is evincing interest in art direction department.

Thayi Kapalamma and my wife in the family are biggest assets in my life Sunder Raj moves ahead holding a support to walk from Shangrila Hotel on Monday night.

Sunder Raj is also proud of his Production Managers Association. We have made it a point not to discuss politics and vulgarity in our face book and what’s App group says Sunder Raj.

Let more fortunes come to this kind of unsung heroes of cinema industry.

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