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Title – Kirik Party, Producers – Paramvah Studios, Direction – Rishab Shetty, Music – Ajanish Lokanath, Cinematography – Karam Chawla, Cast – Rakshit Shetty, Rashmika, Samyuktha, Achyuthkumar, Aravind Iyer, Dhananjay Ranjan and others.

This is not just loaded with entertainment although a little over loaded with lot of ‘Pranks’. It is ‘Pranks Party’ indeed friends. Flock to the theatres to know about your college days, the elders would laugh very frequently.

A best script and screenplay of a college campus also touches your heart after interval. The pranks of Rakshit Shetty are a good treat to funny bones. The color of the film, the friends battalion have made extremely watchable cinema. The film is absolutely perfect to the title ‘Kirik Party’ as the last scene of the film is also fitting to the title.

A mechanical verses software engineer tussle? It has worth the money for your ticket price. Watching a three hours cinema.

It is such a coincidence that Karna the first year mechanical falls in love with three years senior student Sanvi and later the first year Arya falls in love with three years senior student Karna.

A prankster to the core Karna after a sordid incident in life takes up the responsible task of his campus. At this time it is three years have passed. He has one year to get through the campus. The faction develops in the college campus. The friends divide. In the election of student union Karna wins (from a kidnap drama of Principal of the college) and he reform again after a big prank to his once close friend.

Of course this film will remind the ex and present students of engineering colleges so many things. Rakshit, Rashmika, Samyuktha have done a splendid job. Girls would definitely follow Rakshit from this film. In the outgoing students day his trim dress sense, clean shave gives him a solid image building.

Achyuthkumar, friends team of Rakshit have extended super support. The biggest assest of this film is Ajanish Lokanath music with one borrowed tune. The Shanthi Kranthi tune could have been avoided from the film because there are so many other good songs in this film.

Cinematography, make up, production values are very rich to viewers. When the excess of love on the subject and making is extreme, the films like ‘Kirik Party’ hits the stands.

In fact it is worth excess your money for ticket. Have fun, remember your girl friends, college days is always the best days in life.


Score – 4/5


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