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Title – SHIVAM, Banner – Tanvi Films, Producer – Dr C R Manohar, Direction – Srinivasaraju, Cinematography – Venkat Prasad, Music – Mani Sharma, Cast – Upendra, Ragini Dwivedi, Saloni, Srinivasamurthy, Geetha, Bhavya, Doddanna, CR Gopi, Shivaram, Ravishanker, Makarand Deshpande, Lakshman, Sharat Lohitashva, Muni, Kitty and others.

The much expected film ‘Shivam’ by director Srinivasaraju is a very gutsy film. The issue of temple, Indian heritage, the need of unity among Muslim and Hindus, the evaporation effort to clean terrorism in India – Oh great Srinivasaraju great! The deep rooted thinking in this director is exceptional. The thought process of director is well supported by super star Upendra and producer Dr CR Manohar. Gripping narration is redeeming feature of this film ‘Shivam’.

It is only an actor like Upendra who can take up this kind of role. The role is heavy and loaded with action. The punching dialogues and understanding the situation it is well written by writer Desai. Dialogue is another pillar of the film.

Maintaining the Hindu Samskrithi and uplift of heritage is given superb platform by Srinivasaraju. The terror attack, the finishing of this Karma Bhumi is given a good lesson. India is a powerful nation and one individual cannot shake it is fittingly explained.

The role of Upendra is well stitched. He is on a war path at the international level. Such a brilliant guy is taught a lesson when Khan is killed. It is duplicate don gives upper hand to terror activities. Soon lessons are learnt and taught in a better way by Shivaprasad a super cop who belongs to RAW. At the home front no one knows his intelligence, power and learning of required things for meeting eventualities.

When Shivaprasad father Srinivasamurthy Pradhan Archak dies because of eldest son says I have stepped on the Navagrahas as scientist, the commotion in the family erupts. At this time the rightful decision of international encounter specialist Shivaprasad comes up. As second son of the respected and religious family he shave portion of his head and occupy the seat of his father. This is also tested by the people very severely. The replies Shivaprasad gives to showcase his power earns applaud. After becoming Archak Shivaprasad gets the nasty attack. He encounters it with efficiency. It is like ‘Mahishashura Mardhini’ – Khan is killed in front of the Shiva temple.

Upendra has done several roles in his career but this one is totally different. In looks, dialogues, performance he is fantastic. It fits very well. Every scene he has done with care. Saloni is village beauty is naughty. The pretty is Ragini Dwivedi. Living dangerously and meeting a dangerous end Ragini Dwivedi role is also for the first time from her. The song in the club gives a full treat to the front benchers from Ragini.

Srinivasamurthy and Gowrish Akki conversation is tremendous. Ravishanker is as usual best. Avinash just shouts, Sharat and Lohitashva, Arjun, Muni, Shivaramanna, Geetha, Bhavya, Bullet Prakash are well utilised for the film. They all add up to the film.

Sarala melodious, Naane nanage Hidisalla....for Ragini is sure to give pleasure to front benchers.

Mani Sharma in music and Venkat Prasad cinematography add very good values to the film ‘Shivam’.

A right film at the right time from right people!

Shivam – 149 minutes cinema with U/A – Score 4/5


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