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Posted date: 20/February/2009

What a marvelous treat in the 50th day of year 2009! Every frame, every scene, every dialogue is well measured to evoke laughter. After all laughter is the best medicine that increases your life span!

Ene Idhru Maja Nakku Naliyone Raaja…one of the song lines in the college campus aptly suits the film. Like 24x7 news this 24x7 laugh assured.

Kannada audience – if this kind of wholesome family entertainer with laugh riot in every scene is not seen you would miss something wonderful. You want to increase your life span laugh for two hours and 15 minutes watching ‘Venkata in Sankata’. It is such a big relief.

After giving Rama Shama Bhama, Satyavan Savitri and acting in scores of comedy films in the past what this brilliant guy Ramesh Aravind could give was the expectation. Ramesh Aravind does not disappoint even in a frame. His home work is such a superb one. His timing and other comedy artists timing is so immaculate.

Innobra success Thannadhu Andhre Innobra Ogiyadha Chaddi hakkonda Haage says Venkata (Ramesh Aravind) who misses promotion two times when he wage attack on terrorists in the Mall and Cocaine seller. The advantage of promotion goes to Laddu (Devadas Kappikad). When Venkata catches the rude driver Sharmila when he is a cop in traffic department again he is in soup. That is the love at first site for Sharmila…. It is Kanasa Nenaso Maleyo….a duet song well captured, well sung and well tuned.

Venkata has an ‘Ajji’ in his house who takes him to palmist every time to change his fortune. That palmist is identified as terrorist by mistake. Venkata is against to this stone tying and the funny aspect of no underwear on so and so day irks him very much. But the same Palmist gets goosa from police. Thanks to Umasri for her dishum dishum attack in the police department. The entire episode of police station where Palmist asks for interval and calls Umasri as Chikkamma is a new arrival of thought. Nammadhu Simha Rashi alla Sim Card….idhenu Umasri Tharaha Iddiya Malashri tharaha elkondu hogthiya…. Umasri telling neenu Terror Ishtu and Naanu Terror Ashtu…..Ramesh is a laughing machine of Kannada cinema you would feel.

The laugh riot continues when Venkata chases the Tata Sumo vehicle in his 2 wheeler with his colleague and Ajji behind and telling idhenu vehicle sheikh Abdulla tharaha idhe…... When the handle of two wheeler comes out Ajji fixing the four wheeler handle and say Hunse hannu illa andhre Nimbe rasa Hakallva….and again when Ajji is attached to a cot and Laddu in the ladder in the chase Venkata telling Mancha Iddashtu Kaalu chachu for ajji….immediately ajji reacting ‘ayyo avare illa andha mele yee mancha yenu……’Venkata in Sankata’ is no doubt a Naguvina Habba.

All this ‘Majaa’ you get before the interval. Venkata is made to come to ‘NARAKA’ – meaning the college. Venkata comes in the ‘Mai Hoona’ style of Shahrukh Khan to college campus the fountain of laugh gravity increases. The fooling of lecturers by the young talents and incidents that follow with well deserved treatment to terrorism Ramesh Aravind goes on winning spree at every stage.

The ring master Ramesh Aravind provides a full supper. It is served with fruit salad and deserts. He never deserts you from laugh. The two fine surprises are Devadas Kappikad and Umesh playing the Ajji role. Both have done their roles superbly. Devadas Kappikad the famous stage artist from Dakshin Kannada has such a powerful timing and his dialogue delivery is new to the Kannada audience. He is a treat to watch.

Umesh donning the ajji role changing the facial expression in the Madi Hengasu role always eating something or the other gives you 200 percent ‘Majaa’. When Ajji order for Pizza and says it is abortion of Dosai and Idli you would not miss laughing.

Congrats for the dialogue writer of this film Nanda. He knows what to feed to the audience to tickle the funny bones.

Sharmila Mandre is charming as ever. She looks better than ‘Shivamani’ in this film. She has acted very freely in her role. The twins Ajay and Arjun doing wonderful stunts are very attractive. Meghana the newcomer has the lovely screen presence.
Rickey Kej two tunes puts the listeners in the cage of comfort. PKH Das is the boss of cinematography already has given admirable support in his camera.

Kannada Mahajanathegondu Manavi – Idhakintha Nakku Nalisuva cinema nimage Siklikilla! Do not miss go with your family and increase at least 10 percent of your life span from two hours non stop laugh.


Banner – Sinema House

Producer – Naresh Magalani

Story – Madhu Thottapalli

Screenplay, direction – Ramesh Aravind

Music – Rickey Kej

Cinematography – PKH Das

Cast – Ramesh Aravind, Sharmila Mandre, Meghana Mudiyan, Anusha, Umesh, Devdas Kappikad, Mukyamantri Chandru, Rajanikanth and others.

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