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Title – Surya Eva Vrukshamitra, Producers – SF Films, Direction – Annayya, Music – Shiva Sathya, Cinematography – Gowrishanker, Cast – Salman, Radha, Girish, Chandrakala Mohan, Yethiraj, Ramesh Pandit, Ramesh Bhat, Girija Lokesh, B Ramamurthy, Dr Yellappa Reddy, Dr Balakrishna Gowda, Dr Sripathi, Dr Nagesh, Master Arman, Baby Siri and others.

Very rarely this kind of films with social concern and environment friendly are made. There are several films on save forest momentum. This one ‘Surya Eva Vrukshamithra’ is beyond that because it is based on Dr Yallappa Reddy ‘Life Beyond Science’.

The bio diesel discovery from an Amoora plant is the crux of the matter. Director Annayya has added court room drama for it to give it in convincing style.

This is a film that is on a principle. We take so many things in this society – what we are giving for the society is what matters most.

Energetic youngster Surya (Salman) is wrongly framed in a ransack case of the place where he has done research work. Surya is brought to the court to unravel his wonderful qualities. All witness support the youngster who is moving ahead with something very prominent for the society.

What is that you might ask? Surya has discovered the diesel contents – 46 percent in the ‘Amoora’ seeds when it is accidentally thrown in the fire by his mother. This is the starting point for his research.

The patent of this bio diesel is what sounds interesting for Amar (Yethiraj) who thinks on making financial gain out of it. Sister of Amar is a hardship in this route. The court room discussion that goes on flashback to unravel very valuable additions to the film is interestingly stored in this film.

The purpose of Surya is to submit his discovery to the government of India to work out on alternative to diesel.

Salman appearing for the first time has done a convincing performance. He looks good; his smile is a trade mark for him. Dialogue delivery and innocence are two additional scores for him.

Radha as sister, Yethiraj as brother are quite OK in the film. The presence of Ramesh Bhat, Chandrakala, Girish plus Arman and Siri gives a comfortable feel. Dr Yallappa Reddy, Dr Nagesh, Dr Balakrishna Gowda, Dr Sripathi – it looks natural on screen.

The music and cinematography are impressive. This is a must see by younger generation. The family elders should watch this film because the stress they take for upbringing the children and sigh of high relief once they achieve is well portrayed in the film.

Score – 3/5 ***

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