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Sapno Ki Raani good Cinematography by Jagadish
Posted date: 01 Sat, Aug 2015 12:47:44 PM

Title – Sapnoki Raani, Producers – Gangaraju, Indramma and Prasad, Direction – Arun and Prasad, Music – Dharma Vish, Cinamatography – Jagadish Wali, Cast – Srujan Lokesh, Aishwarya Sindogi, Avinash, Shobaraj, Tennis Krishna, Honnavalli Krishna and others.

This is an emotional journey in ‘Sapno Ki Raani’ – the yesteryears Sapno Ki Raani – Dr Jayamala gives the running commentary in this film and that gives a good beginning to the film.

It is an emotional saga of protagonist and female protagonist caught in the web of tragedies and fear – one could find such persons in the society.

For the story support of Shaan and direction guidance of AR Babu, siblings ‘Arun and Prasad’ made tolerable film but not for the contents in the second that is very emotional.

A trickster Krishna (Srujan) and Chikka (Chikkanna) are duped by a gang of three. The voice of Priya (the name is written as Preeya) that comes from mimicry of Mithra draws Srujan to hilly region in Coorg. When Srujan arrives with Chikka to Coorg they are shown the photo of Aishwarya Sindhogi and declared dead. Soon it is opening of reality for Srujan. Aishwarya is living and how and why he got duped surfaces.

After taking a look at Aishwarya there is some more development for Krishna. Aishwarya is a twin sister. One of the two is no more. Father of Aishwarya is upset for such tragedy in the house. It is complete possessiveness of father towards daughter Aishwarya who is studying in a college.

What happens when Krishna finds Nandini (third name of Aishwarya in the film)? That is the tragedy part of coming reels.

Srujan Lokesh in the role of ‘Jagadeka Malla’ has powerful dialogues. As Krishna he has emoted well according to the situations. More activeness to his role was required. In songs he is good. Aishwarya Sindhogi chubby cheek heroine is a good find. She has a long way to go in cinema career. Chikkanna wanted more funny dialogues, Mithra has done well, Ashok looks good, Suchindra Prasad is very attentive in his role. Shobaraj should stop accepting this kind of role.

In Music ‘Sapnoki Raani’ is a winner, the length could have been pruned, the psychic portion of Raviteja was inhuman (how come the censor agreed for throwing the child from a top)?

Cinematography by Jagadish Wali is the first best thing of this film. Many of top angle shots and Coorg distrist mist gives a feel of ‘Madikeri Mele Manju…

In all it is ‘Sapana Mere Tootugaya….song that reminds audience after coming out from theatres.

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