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Title – Tagaru, Producer – KP Srikanth, Direction – Dhuiya Soori, Music – Charan Raj, Cinematography – Mahen Sen, Cast – Dr Shivarajakumar, Devaraj, Manvitha Harish, Bhavana, Dhananjay, Vasishta N Simha, Achyuth Kumar, Sudha Belawadi and others.

There is a theory – Convince or Confuse! Dhuniya Soori has done both in ‘Tagaru’…Maiyella Pogaru Kannada cinema. He confuses in the screenplay yet he gives a convincing package!

The second combination of Dr Shivarajakumar and Dhuniya Soori is like a loaded gun. It triggers at the right time. The flash back technique of this mass entertainer of producer KP Srinath is for the masses. Yet the character of Shiva is much above all. The magnanimity of Dr Shiv to give scope for the character of Dhananjay is appreciable. Dhananjay in a baddie role is very convincing in this film. He has got a new boundary to figure out in career.

Dhuniya Soori has mixed the narration with lot of interesting portions. Only with flash back techniques he makes you to go front and back several times. This is what super star Upendra had done when he did ‘A’ and ‘Upendra’.

To understand the film flow it is not that easy. Brain is given a task to study whether this narration to the earlier is precisely correct or not. Of course Dhuniya Soori wins in going back and coming front. The past, present tense is beautifully connected by director.

‘Tagaru’ is Shiva ACP. He is on a mission to bring the character of Punarvasu (Manvitha Harish) to right condition. There is a past for this that opens up one by one. In knowing all connected to the past of Punarvasu we find Panchami (Bhavana), rowdies like Chitte, Cockroach, Dolly, Karadpudi Satisha and others.

How Shiva encounter the rowdy elements and in the process take revenge is end part of the film told in captivating style.

Like how Dr Shiv and Manvitha Harish combination has worked out well in giving entertainment, the combination of Dr Shiv and Bhavana has worked with more liveliness. The ideology of the cop Shiva comes out in this combination.

For Dr Shivarajakumar it is a brilliant work, he has made it cool at several places. His dialogue delivery is very apt and worth watching for his character.

Dhananjay shines among all baddies in this film. Manvitha and Bhavana are lively. The melodious songs and peppy numbers from Charanraj is on top. Cinematography by Mahen Sinha is extraordinary.

This is just 128 minutes cinema loaded with interesting elements for mass and action lovers.

4/5 ****

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