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Title – Nagarahavu, Producer – N Veeraswamy, Direction – SR Puttanna Kanagal, Music – Vijay Bhasker, Cinematography – Chitti Babu, Cast – Vishnuvardhana, Ambarish, Aarathi, Shubha, KS Ashwath, Leelavathi, Jayanthi, Shivaramanna, Lokanath, Dhirendra Gopal, Vajramuni, MP Shanker and others.

The show must go on with excellence is the high class film makers one point agenda. This is what happened for classic block buster of Ishwari Pictures 1972 film ‘Nagarahavu’ in N Veeraswamy production.

N Veeraswamy son Balaji Veeraswamy has given new sounding and technical excellence to this film of his father that is evergreen.

Nagarahavu of 1972 opened for tumultuous welcome by the fans is flooding with attendance to take a look at the 7.1 sounding for already sound cinema. Gautham Srivatsav and team have done excellent work for the sounding of this film and Balaji Veeraswamy has spent liberally on this technical advancement.

For the younger generation this ‘Nagarahavu’ is a feast no doubt about it and for the older generation of 70’s this is a new treatment worth watching again.

Based on three novels of Ta Ra Su – this film by doyen director SR Puttanna Kanagal is no doubt a perfect commercial flick like how ‘Bangarada Manushya’ is a morale booster film.

Of course the angry young man is Sampath Kumar turned Vishnuvardhana (named by Puttanna from this film) is ‘Ramachari’ character that is filled with anger, love, affection and dedication. You find the elders mistake in giving Alamelu to another boy when Ramachari is deep love. Chamayya Meshtru who considers Ramachari as his son comes in the way to tone up the anger. When Ramachari and Margaret falls in love, Chamayya Meshtru comes again to give up again – here Dharma comes in to picture – Theertha Mukhyano Manushya Mukhyano….Theertha Meshtre Theertha….is stunning.

At the end ‘Yarig Keli Math Kotri Meshtre Ramachari reverts back and pushes him. For making such a costly mistake Ramachari says ‘Meshtre Nim Jothene Yee Ramacharinu Bartha Iddane aadre Margaret Jotheli’ is curtains down.

Handling several aspects and giving different angles to the film SR Puttanna Kanagal has shown that he is master at work. Dialogues for the film, locations, perfect artists blend to suit the roles, Vijaya Bhasker all the six songs and Chitti Babu cinematography on huge screens of multiplex is a treat to watch.

In those days Puttannaji has made several new attempts in the technical side. The slow motion, color and black and white mix, all the songs – Havina Vesha….Sangama Sangama….Karpoorada Gombe Naanu….Baare Baare…..Kannada Nadina Veera ramaniya….Kathe Heluve Naa Kathe Heluve…..are impeccable. Legendary writers Chi Udayashanker, Vijayanarasimha and RN Jayagopal have given memorable songs in those days.

What can we say for legends performance? A perfectly measured performance has come from Vishnu and Ambarish debutants in this film. This is the film that gave new status for the two youngsters.

KS Ashwath, Leelavathi, Aarathi, Shuba, Shivaramanna, MP Shanker, Vajramuni, Direndra Gopal…..all toppers have given absolutely fine performance.

Jayanthi as Onake Obavva… one can forget this actress for her brilliant portrayal. The singers for this film pitching in perfect modulation are high class indeed.

This is a film you can watch time and again. The time has come for new sensation in the form of sound. Younger generation must watch this film for glorious attempt of N Veeraswamy productions.

Finally Balaji deserves applaud for bringing in new technology addition spending the money that was more than the budget of the film in 1972.

Rating:5/5 *****

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