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Director of six Kannada films Teshi Venkatesh is unhappy person as the 2017 Karnataka State Film Award committee has not selected his film on lesbians ‘Best Friends’ for any award.

My film is best compared to film like ‘Hebbat Ramakka’ of Nanjunde Gowda. I prove it says Teshi Venkatesh and producer Lion Venkatesh addressing the media on Friday evening.

The concept that was dogging in the society in the last 158 years in this world, recently god approval from Supreme Court was made as a film in ‘Best Friends’ – on third gender. Film award committee has failed to recognize the film. We are filing a case in the court disclosed Teshi Venkatesh. The awards are purchased or given from influence. I directly blame Nanjunde Gowda and Kodlu Ramakrishna in this case for using the power in getting awards says Teshi Venkatesh.

There are a few cases of filing in court and awards getting black listed. One in 2006 selected by Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar and team was black listed from a court order. Narasimha Raju of ‘Yukthi’ producer and director filed the case then.  ‘Raj the Showman’ was also one of the films black listed from awards declared it may be recalled.

Lion Venkatesh speaking on this occasion challenged to prove that his film is best compared to a few others that have got awards. I would create a platform for it he says. For selecting this bold subject also my days of social activities is responsible. When such a film is not recognized obviously it perturbs he says.

One of the exhibitors Sundar Raj present disclosed that this film ‘Best Friends’ is well made. A coach in the girl’s colleges Sunder Raj had seen six cases of similar subject and how he transformed them to better life.

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