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Posted date: 11 Wed, Oct 2017 12:19:14 PM
The hunger and serious urge of actor and director – Ninasam Satish and Ravi Srivatsa was evident in their speeches at the trailer release at SRV Theatre in Malleswaram. This is a film with ‘9’ directors being a part of ‘Tiger Galli’.
After one year of making and a comeback of this senior writer and swashbuckling director Ravi Srivatsa has done very tight work in the script and screenplay. Of course KV Raju his mentor has helped him in the writing work. When the profession was in bad shape the right hand came to Ravi Srivatsa from noted producer MN Kumar. Kumar son Yogesh is official producer from this film.
‘Novu Spandisone Devru’ Ravi Srivatsa was at his best in giving explanation on his film journey till release. There are 14 characters that sounds very well. It is a verbal action cinema laced with politics. The title for this film ‘Peede Sandhi’ coined in later days as ‘Tiger Galli’ in Tigalarpete in Bengaluru was also explained by Ravi Srivatsa. The content for this film is happening in 2010 in Chennai that was decorated by KV Raju.  I had seen the fire in Ninasam Satish in Madesha, the same is carried throughout film. of course I contacted three stars before coming to Satish. All of them suggested something, I decided to stay firm on my script pointed Ravi Srivatsa.
Ninasam Satish first commercial film is also second innings according to him. This film has been able to overcome the pains of ‘Rocket’ in him. Satish explained his struggle and need to make it big came up. He is also moving to Tamil and promised to keep the flag of Kannada very high.
Director of high reputation Shivamani is in don. He looks different and he wants to continue his acting profession seriously from this film.
Director BM Giriraj is in a villain shade, Ayyappa Prasad as key rabble rouser, Roshani of Mysuru a cop in the film, Sai Krishna in an interesting role, Pooja Lokesh as judge, Bhavana Rao and producer Yogesh present at the media address to announce the release of the film on 27th of this month.
Jack Manjunath was frank in his words. He is distributing this film is a surprise because MN Kumar himself is a distributor. He has distributed first film of Ravi Srivatsa. He advised Ravi Srivatsa to be soft in his working style. 

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