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The audio release and songs screen evening for ‘Tiger Galli’ had to be made short because of the too much of time consumption by actor in villain role and eminent director Shivamani address. He in fact shaved our time!

His address on eminent Dronacharya for many KV Raju was OK but addressing on what director Ravi Srivatsa was supposed to do irk even KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu, Shivamni Avre, heroines Baggenu Helibidi was Govindu reaction to the lengthy speech. It is because of his lengthy speech others including director Ravi Srivatsa did not spoil the precious time.

The audio release of ‘Tiger Galli’ of producer, exhibitor and distributor MN Kumar had a glorious start with Bharatanatyam for a collection of songs by Yamuna Srinidi who is shot in to fame on big screen from ‘Melody’ time.

The highlight of this film is that sons of producers MN Kumar Yogesh, RS Gowda Lakshmikanth, JG Krishna Deepu, Shoba Rajanna son Deepu Rajanna have acted in this action packed drama from Ravi Srivatsa direction.

As the audio release was just a day after Mother’s Day – five mothers, wives of producers MN Kumar, JG Krishna, Smt Girija Lokesh, Smt Shoba Rajanna released audio CD of the film ‘Tiger Galli’ with entire team of the film. Ashwini Recording company brought out CD to the market for this film produced by Yogesh Kumar son of MN Kumar independently.

In the beginning actors of the film Pooja Lokesh, Bhavana, Roshani, Yamuna Srinidi addressed the media. After Shivamani lengthy speech, hero of the film Ninasam Satish admitted that the quarrel he had with director Ravi Srivatsa on many occasions. I was down with energy but not the director obviously lead to clashes he pointed.

The late start and time consumption by Shivamani in his address had no opportunity for Sa Ra Govindu and others to speak.

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