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The 2014 launched film ‘Tube Light’ is shining today. The delayed start for Tube light is known factor. But for this Tube Light Kannada film the delay is because of the shoot at the highest places of Ladak and Leh. The team lead by Venugopal, Manohar Joshi and others had to travel two times for the completion of the film.


However better late than never, the film ‘Tube Light’ is flourishing with activities and the trailer was released at Kalavidhara Bhavana on Sunday. Gurunandan accepted this film before he became ‘Raju’ on Kannada screen. Guruprasad is in a prominent role that is very lively.


The team in the presence of two award winning directors on dais Chetan Mundadi and Adarsh Ishwarappa addressed the e media on Sunday afternoon. Venkadari and Vikram Singh launched a game with the film for smart phones.


Venugopal went on a flashback and explained the ordeals he faced for this film and how Guruprasad added to further level of the film. Manohar Joshi cameraman highlighted the travel and it is making more than a film he mentioned. The whole process was like meditation he opined.


Ajay Raj, Rajendra, V Manohar (Nan Scene Idya he asked), Chetan Mundadi, Adarsh Ishwarappa spoke on this occasion.


Gurunandan explained the travel to highest level in India at the borders is because of a purpose. It is an assignment he takes and goes with friends on motorbikes.


The payment was good for the Patra stated Guruprasad in his usual wit and humor. My portions were shot in Goa. Director Venugopal has no compromise theory in his making. Like how ‘Mata’ given me ‘Oota’, I hope this one does for him. Guruprasad went on a small flash back and said how he sold his motor bike, car and camera for ‘Mata’ making.


Turning to Roopika the firebrand director and writer Guruprasad asked her are you watching ‘Tube Light’ film. Roopika said yes, then ‘Me Too’ told Guruprasad that evoked laughter and Roopika burst in wide laugh.




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