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The villain.... fabulous making -Rating:4/5 ****
Posted date: 18 Thu, Oct 2018 05:59:34 PM

Title the villain, producer Dr c r Manohar, direction prem, music Arjun Janya, camera Trish gowda, cast shivarajakumar, Sudeep, Srikanth, Amy Jackson, sharanya, Sharath lohitashva, mandya Ramesh, kuri Pratap, jai Jagadish and others.

At last the magnum opus got released. Director prem has shown his magnificent strength but he should have cut down the film by twenty minutes. Other than that the film is lavish, excellent in screenplay, glorious in stunts and mother sentiment is heart touching.

No doubt that kichha Sudeep scores superbly but shivanna deserves accolades for his presence. The last one hour is Sudeep and shivanna film. The film excel in technical divisions. The rich locations, costumes, dance, dialogues are in top order. The film has stupendous standard in making.
The key point is instead of having Sri Rama strength, ten qualities of raavan is important to lead life in this Kaliyuga.

He is kaizer ram. Most wanted criminal. When you think it is one person you are wrong. Kaizer is Srikanth and ram is Sudeep. Both are very close. They do not exist together long. Ram is deceived and gives back very strongly. Ram goes to the extent of conquering first position in world. His attempt has international support. Whether he conquers or not is what you have to watch on silver screen.

There is raam a tough guy in village. That is shivarajakumar. He is looking for mother affection. Accidentally he finds a woman but she declines to give mother affection. Wait....for lord Sri Rama role of raam....mother becomes close to this ram and narrate her past of twenty years. The promise ram makes to mother sharanya is to get her lost son back. How does it happens. The platform for raam changes. He is my hunt declares shivarajakumar as ram. He is forced to take up Raavan quality.

Sudeep excel in a powerful role. His style, dialogue delivery, costume and action is a treat to watch. The sacrifice of shivarajakumar, emotional ride he has in the film gives him good score.
Amy Jackson is not the right choice. She has tried boldness and nothing else. Sharanya as mother is commendable. Srikanth as kaizer has good screen presence.

Arjun Janya music is top class. The glorious takings for the songs lift the quality. Girish gowda camera work has that struggle to give best. The villain is worth watching g for many magnificent points and making.

Don't miss this top action and sentiment film.

Rating:4/5 ****

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