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Title – Udgarsha, Producer – Devaraj R, Direction – Sunil Kumar Desai, Cinematography – Late KM Vishnuvardhana and P Rajan, Music – Sujay Chaudhary, Cast – Takur Anoop Singh, Sai Dansika, Kabir Singh Duhan, Kishor, Shradda Das, Danish Sait, Manjunath and others.

The master of suspense and thrill films in Kannada Sunil Kumar Desai is back with a big bang. He has loaded the contents for this film that is equivalent to three super star films.

Despite of chilling action, Desai way of narrating the tale is highly absorbing and captivating. You would definitely recall his earlier thrillers but this ‘Udgarsha’ releasing in four languages is a top of it all.

The bouncing back of this director was highly expected and gives a sumptuous food for action and thriller lovers.

The presence of Thakur Anoop Singh in the lead, Sai Dansika (Kabali daughter of Rajanikanth), Kabir Duhan Singh, Tanya Hope and a few more muscle men add extra value to this ‘Udgarsha’.

Right from the first scene it is Desai style of narration of thrills, chills and of course kills!

On the night of New Year Aditya and Rashmi come to a lovely resort to spend time. Rashmi in the room and Aditya to get his mobile from the car (even in this finding mobile there is unique way), the turnout is very costly. One of the inmates of the resort is murdered and this is what Rashmi captures in her mobile. The most cruel and strong Dharmendra (Kabir Singh Duhan) gang are behind Rashmi. She is forced to hide in one of the car dickey.

The travel starts in the night and the car in which Rashmi is traveling is without the notice of the one of the gang members of Dharmendra (played by Bahubali Prabhakar). Rashmi contact Aditya but on the road to nowhere, Aditya seeks the passerby vehicle of Tanya Hope to reach out Rashmi and save her from distress.

It is an uphill task for Aditya as he has to encounter many musclemen. The need of the hour for Dharmendra is what Rashmi captured in her mobile. She has sent it to Aditya and deleted it. But the number she sent was that of Tanya Hope who has come to help out Aditya.

The trouble further shoots up for Rashmi, Aditya makes a big fight to punish Dharmendra. It is arrival of Menon (Kishor) to unravel a few more suspense part of the film that you have to watch it on silver screen.

Desais is wonderfully dashing because of an actor like Takur Anoop Singh. A macho man has given a chilling performance. Sai Dansika not only looks beautiful but performed extremely well; we had not seen Kabir Singh Duhan in so much of violence film. Kishore has given a pleasant performance. Shradda Das is quite impressive. We did not expect this kind of role for Harshika Poonachcha.

The background score of Sujay Chaudhary (veteran Salil Chaudhary son) is very appropriate and creates required mood. The cinematography of KM Vishnuvardhana (His last film as cameraman) and P Rajan is very attractive as the film is on a run.

For Desai strength, his capacity to hold audience attention, the contents of this film you have to watch this film.

Rating:3.5/5 ****

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