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When the films like ‘Dhandupalya’ and ‘Umesh’ (this Thursday release) are made there is possibility of awareness. This is what a mass media film can give to the society. One needs guts to make this kind of film.

Alerting the people to be aware of the persons like ‘Umesh’ is narrated in a technically different style by newcomer Ashok Kumar for new producer Premkumar.

Dating back to 6th century of serial killers the director has done a tremendous hard work in making this film ‘Umesh’ a socially relevant film. Very clever in handling when the situation of sex and violence is expected, director Ashok Kumar makes the screen go black. When ‘Umesh’ is up to something obnoxious, director avoids it.

As far as the behavioral science is concerned the depth towards this subject was needed. Why the minds moves to such activities. The medical observation was needed. Otherwise the attempt of this team is good technically also.

Umesh (Jeetendra Simon) is fond of undergarments of women. He takes pleasure in smelling it. He is a dangerous criminal serving in the prison. To meet him to write thesis Samantha (Niloafer) comes with Sapna (Voila Mathew). The subject of American University student Samanth is behavioral science. She meets Umesh in the cell. The affection Umesh develops for Samanth is known later.

Whether Umesh escaped from the prison to meet Samantha? This is what you to watch it on silver screen. However director has hinted on the sequel to this film – Umesh – 2 in USA’.

Jeetendra Simon in the get up of women and his dialogue delivery is good. He has a chance of taking more tough roles.

Voila Mathew has a good future. She has the right screen presence and surely gets good chance sin Kannada cinema.  Niloafer is good in her performance. She has understood the situation and performed well. Joe Simon as senior cop is right choice to give orders.

The film needed some relief via comedy. Camera work and background score add to the value of the film.

Don’t be a victim of ‘Umesh Reddy’ kind of criminals. To avoid such people you cannot avoid this film ‘Umesh’!

Title – Umesh, Producer – Prem Kumar, Direction – Ashok Kumar, Camera – Binendra Menon and Hari Nayak, Music – Shyam L Raaj, Cast – Jeetendra Simon, Voila Mathew, Niloafer, Joe Simon and others.


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