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Title – Urvi, Producer = BRP Bhat, Direction – Pradeep Verma, Music – Maoj George, Cinematography – Anand Suresh, Cast – Achyuthkumar, Shruthi Hariharan, Shradda Srinath, Shwetha Pandit, Bhavani Prakash, Vasuki Vaibhav, Ananya Bhat and others.

Prostitution is accepted in this society and it is a biggest flesh trade like any other business. Some of sophisticated and some others are at lowest level. The issue in ‘Urvi’ is how the girls are brought here against the wishes. Verbal war of professional ethics and nature ethics is focused besides the situational villainy in this film.

No one comes by wish but they are forced in this prostitution business of Bobby (Bhavani Prakash), she has the support from cruel coastal man Devaragunda of money power (played by Achyuth Kumar). There are two beautiful ladies in the den of Bobby – Shwetha as Daizy and Shradda Srinath as Suzie. Daizy is by compulsion and the young girl in this locality is her interest. She does not want the school going girl Rashmi to succumb to this profession.  Suzie on the other hand is lifted to this field by cruel Devaragunda when she was young. The cruel womanizer kills sister of Suzie and that snatches her father.

After the entry of Asha (Shruthi Hariharan), the things get complicated for Bobby. In fact Asha a medical college student is also lifted to this place by Devaragunda.

After Rashmi young girl death the need for unity is stressed by Asha. Do or die is the situation for all in the house of Bobby. The Shakthi, Yukthi and Bhakthi converge to teach a lesson.

The humiliation what Devaragunda face is right thinking to the present scenario!  In fact the film holds a mirror to the ongoing developments in society. Why do you think of exporting girls, this is happening in this ‘karma Bhumi’ says the director.

This is a performances oriented role for Shruthi Hariharan, Shwetha Pandit and Shradda Srinath – they have done it brilliantly, Bhavani Prakash in vamp role is sure to get many such roles, Achyuth Kumar should get award for his performance. Ananya Bhat, singer turned daughter in this film of Achyuth Kumar is brilliant.

Kanna Haniya….song is mesmerizing; the first song with two heroines in the dark atmosphere is well scored by Manoj George. The top ranking is also cinematography from Anand Suresh.

This is a film not only for women fraternity but for all. The grand style of Pradeep Verma is impeccable.

4/5 ****

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