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Posted date: 21 Thu, Dec 2017 08:10:08 AM
At the audio release of ‘Vandana’…Naa Ninna Bidalaare as caption it was revealed that the film is about women centric cinema. The disparity shown to girl child and killing of it in the womb are sickening issues. How to get out of it in the society is the crux of this film according to debutant director Vijetha. He had seen films and become a director. He has not worked under any director. It is the planning what earned good results for Vijeth. He has the habit of reading and writing.

Knowing this well Dr V Nagendra Prasad President of Directors Association has rightly advised that director like Vijeth should have thorough discussion on what he wants to deliver before taking up cinema. Of course the trailer and song teaser says that he is not a first time director. He had great support from cameraman GTB Gowda and veteran in editing Kemparaj has come to his support.

MS Thyagaraj has scored music for three songs and a bit. Three songs bits were shown on screen at Renukamba Digital theatre – all of them are good in melody and cinematography.  MS Thyagaraj had written two songs and Chanakya written two songs.

Shobitha a beautiful looking heroine is in her third film. She plays a soft housewife. It is well derived script and preparation was good she has pointed.

Arun Kumar from small screen comes to big screen as hero. The disparity is touched in the subject, there was good understanding in the team. There is a bit of heroism in the role he pointed.

Dr V Nagendra Prasad, CD Basappa, Bhavana Rao chief guests released audio CD of the film. Anand Audio Anand releases the CD to the market. He is happy with two good quality songs.
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