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Posted date: 09 Thu, Apr 2020 02:08:06 PM

‘No foreign Trip’ – this is the decision of nation pride Anant Nag in the wake of ‘Corona 19’ spreading all over the country.

Versatile actor Anand Nag has takes this decision seriously and the jaunt he used to make every year as holiday trip with family is now stopped for rest of the life. Interestingly whenever he was planning for abroad trip ‘China’ was not use to be in the list.

Anant Nag is known for discipline and dedication in his profession. He has the habit of traveling to Anand Ashram and other pilgrim centers. In this lock down situation even that is not happening.  I was reading in the columns what happened in the past with diseases like ‘Plague’. Now we are witnessing it says Anant Nag. It is the patience and social distancing very important he adds.

At his 71st year Anant Nag has the habit of working for six months in a year and taking rest for the remaining six months.

Our governments are taking right decisions and we should come up from the big hit on the economy opines Anant Nag.

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