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Top actress and role model to so many in the industry Vinayaprasad (Prakash) adds to the list of woman directors in Karnataka. There are not much of woman directors. Vinayaprasad specialty is that she has take utmost care even for the budget of the cinema LNPB her debut direction. The shoe string budget is going to open a new world for audience. What is that you have to watch it on silver screen! The film is releasing on 6th of October 2017.

Jack Manjunath, popular distributor and producer coming to the business of cinema is additional booster dose for LNPB. In her experience this talented actress says the precise preparation would be helpful in controlling the budget of the movie.

Vinaya Prasad husband Jyothi Prakash written the story, screenplay dialogue in Hindi and that is translated to Kannada. One of the songs is so apt to the film she feels. Busy actress in five languages Vinaya Prasad took out time to direct this film. the shoot was held in a house for this social film with comedy dose. On Piracy happening off late via face book live Vinayaprasad said it is in the hands of people doing wrong. We can correct them she felt.

Devotion, discipline and effort would lead to success is what I have learnt from my mother says Prathama Prasad Rao. The watching of this film would reduce your tension.

Jyothi Prakash Atre said you would know the budget when you watch the film. Ravishanker executive producer of the film said it is a Pukka preparation found in yesteryears, reintroduced by Vinaya Prasad.

The name and fame of Vinaya Prasad, dedication, discipline in making when calculated, it would be Rs.10 crore cinema opines Jack Manjunath.

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