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Posted date: 22 Wed, Apr 2020 06:20:17 PM

One of the top actresses of Kannada cinema, Television, other languages too the bold and dashing thinker Vinayaprasad has given a new thought in the lock down period to solve the poverty, come out from financial distress by the country.

The present scenario of two months lock down is going to have very sharp effect on Indian economy. In addition to it the life of common man of this country will be not good for months. It is essential to keep such common man with no hunger mood. We have learnt the lessons despite of innumerable people extending support to fill the hungry stomachs.

That is one way but the solution to this permanently could be possible from bringing the Swiss Bank money of Indians in a very good way.

If not now, when that money would be utilized by this country? Vinayaprasad has chalked out a new scheme to utilize this Swiss account money of Indians.

Firstly it should be collective opinion. The corrupt money kept should be made in order. The account holder without facing any charges should be given 30 percent and rest 70 percent should come to the government of India. For doing this the approval from various places should be made. If necessary the constitutional amendment and parliament approval should be done. The law is always to protect the people in this country.

When such huge money from Swiss bank accounts are put in one place and in addition to the ED raids massive hauls could be pooled to help every common man of this country.

I am being a cinema actress not talking a cinema script. It should happen in reality and it is high time when the world is facing a debacle from Corona 19 virus. It is a way out to save this country ‘Bharatha’ feels Vinayaprasad.

Vinayaprasad has given several other thoughts to this and she is writing a letter to Prime Minister of India in this direction. Come what may come our nation should be protected from all directions observes Vinayaprasad.

As of now Vinayaprasad in the lock down situation living at her daughter Prathama house near Iskcon temple in Rajajinagara. She is spending good time with six years young granddaughter. Vinayaprasad husband Mr Prakash is held up in Kolhapura. He went on a business meet but forced to stay at Kolhapura.

Vinaya Prasad is doing all the work at home. She has also given a thought on the future of entertainment media after Lock Down is lifted. It will be difficult she says and adds the scenario made available through OTT platform further helps the people to sit at home and watch their favorite films and TV programs. Entertainment – that is coming to theatre and watching film will be last priority in the list of common man Vinayaprasad fears.

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