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`What my father ace Tiger Prabhakar could not fulfill, I am at it` – Vinod Prabhakar on developing his 8 packs abs was addressing his first independent media address on Friday night at Chamundeswari studio with his wife Nisha Vinod sitting next to him.

Vinod Prabhakar had in mind that his father wanted to develop such pack at Mysuru Huli time, he has just gone a step ahead with eight packs – six clearly visible and two is addition for his six feet tall height and muscle power.

Riaz and Arasu on the one side and Pradeep are key trainers for Vinod Prabahakar in this distinction. It is natural process of food control without any medicine. Not just eight packs the legs, shoulders are developed in such a way that Vinod could be easily called as Arnold of Karnataka.

It is from last November the work started for achieving this feat. In some of the portions of Vinod Prabhakar ‘Rugged’ Kannada cinema the physical development is seen. On Friday night with visuals via photos the eight packs was screened at the media meet.

The beginning of this process is cutting down water consumption for the body from eight liters to 500 ml. the fan content when he developed eight packs it was just three percent in his body. Right medical advice has also been given to Vinod Prabhakar.

With this status of eight packs he wants to compete in any of the national level body building championships. He intends to move to advertisement field everything works out well.

Nisha Vinod addressing media for the first time said she only stood behind her husband with commitment that he could achieve this distinction. First one month was very tough. It is because Vinod had that strength, I have been able to support. I had seen him crying of hunger yet he did not give up Nisha lauded her husband.

Giridhar Diwan an ace photographer had taken just 125 photos in which 118 are perfect. He has long experience of 21 years in advertising photography. He appreciated the humbleness and go getting nature of Vinod Prabhakar.

Pradeep had trained first celebrity Vinod Prabhakar to this level and with natural foods the distinction of Vinod Prabhakar was possible because of his firm mindset. When mind is not set nothing is possible he mentioned.

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