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Title – Vismaya, Producer – Passion film Factory, Direction – Arun Vaidhyanathan, Cinematography – Aravind Krishna, Music – Naveen, Cast – Arjun Sarja, Shruthi Hariharan, JK, Varalakshmi, Prasanna, Suhasini, Suman, Sudharani and others.

This is quite amazing in narration style. Director Arun Vaidhyanathan is a reader of thriller novels and avid watcher of CID in Sony TV is evident from this film ‘Vismaya’. It is in CID in Sony TV or Adalat (Ronit Roy) almost all investigations are displayed. The brilliance of criminals is at peak in such programs.

Seeing any thrilling subjects without such programs in mind is not possible. In Vismaya the puzzle for the police department is not that impeccable. When the first doll reaches the cops audience would make guess on the connectivity to the murder. Unfortunately police get the same clue at the second murder.

The film ‘Vismaya’ has another heart touching tale in the flash back. In fact that is a clue to a murder series in the film.

A social activist, a doctor, lawyer….are finished in the cruel method. The last one to face the gory is Ranjit Kalidoss who is at the help of police department.  In the list the super cop tale is also interesting. In the past he has been responsible for sentencing a royal couple of their crime. A person connected to this royal couple Christopher (JK) is on a killing spree.

How the final killing of Ranjit Kalidoss (Arjun) is averted and the ailment coming in the way for Ranjit is left over portions for the audience.

The 150th film of Arjun Sarja could have been still on higher standards – say for example a patriotic film. He has done his best as super cop. It has been a fashion parade for Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar. In every scene she appears you may forget watching Arjun and another cop doing what, but you will not miss this rotund actress. She is so sweet and clever.

Shruthi Hariharan as wife is very good looking on screen, there is a cute child actress too in this film.

JK as Christopher the key rabble rouser has come straightway from ‘Siya Ka Ram’ shooting of Ravan role it seems. He is superb in his role.

The background score, production values, editing, dialogues, cinematography are in good standards.

This one keeps you to chew nails at places. 
3/5 ***
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