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Title – Hebbat Ramakka, Producers – SA Puttaraju and Kavitha Raj, Direction – NR Nanjunde Gowda, Music – Poornachandra Thejaswi, Cinematography – Satish, Cast – Thara, Devaraj, Hanumanthe Gowda, Nagaraja Murthy, Jagadish Wala, Mime Nanjunda, Sindhu Kanenahalli and others

Before watching this film ‘Hebbat Ramakka’ you would have analyzed why it got the best regional film award at the recent National film awards.

That is true. All sectors of this film have contributed exceedingly well. The actors, writer SG Siddaramaiah, music from Poornachandra Thejaswi, direction of NR Nanjunde Gowda on the woman liberty cinema ‘Hebbat Ramakka’ is so good and worth watching.

In the election time we have a good example in ‘Hebbat Ramakka’ and this also alerts the people to make right choice. Illiteracy is taken as advantage when the Panchayat Raj system vouches for a woman candidate in the reserved seat.

Like how you expect the same happens at the beginning. You get some lovely proverbs and Tumkuru, Chitradurga side accent of Kannada from Prof SG Siddaramaiah. The winning of election for Ramakka is a joy. She uses ‘Thumb’ for everything for approval is taken as advantage by her husband Kallesha (Devaraj) and he is in connection with a major political personality – Hanumanthe Gowda.

Hebbat Ramakka knows pretty well her situation. She understands the seriousness of it when further continues. She starts educating herself. The director Nanjunde Gowda for a straightforward narration has mixed the comedy element and that gives a big relief.

How the vicious politics applies pressure and makes uneducated Ramakka as President keeping aside two educated is a pointer to the political mishaps in our democratic system. After this nomination of a humble and simple agriculturist Ramakka, the politician feels he can get the things done easily and remain supreme.

That is what not happens at the end of the film. Ramakka protest her signing of papers once she gets educated. The land scandal issue she opens up that becomes a tough task for her husband and MLA. She revolts on her husband and wins the Assembly election.

For Thara Anuradha it has been cake walk, the innocence, anger, humbleness and love towards people are extremely good. Although she missed another national award for this role, she might get a state award and other local awards for her performance. Devaraj and Hanumanthe Gowda are other two actor’s strikes prominently in the film.

The music of state award winning music director Poornachandra Thejaswi has lifted the film to another level. With the rural background the film has, the Kannada language mixed by Prof Siddaramaiah deserves accolades.

Satish handled the cinematography competently.   This is a worth watching cinema ‘Hebbat Ramakka’.
Score – 3.5/5 ***

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