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Title – DRISHYA, Banner E 4 Entertainment, Producer = Mukesh R Mehta, Direction P Vasu, Cinematography – Madhu Neelakantan, Music – Ilayaraja, Cast – V Ravichandran, Navya Nayar, Shivaji Prabhu, Srinivasamurthy, Suchindra Prasad, Asha Sharat, Sadhu Kokila, Swaroopini, Unnathi are in the cast.

This is the film in the waiting for all class of audience. P Vasu, V Ravichandran and maestro Ilayaraja offered something remarkable.

There are many good things to talk about the film. It is rarely a reviewer get an opportunity. At the outset a father exercising his complete support to the family members – wife and daughter, on the other hand a mother using all resources to trace her son at the helm of police department at last makes it a war between a commoner and upper class society. You can call this as a ‘Father’s Day cinema as well as ‘Mother’s Day’ cinema. The situations are spread out like this for the audience. The first lorry load of thanks to Malayalam maker Jeethu Joseph.

The screenplay, background score and well balanced performances in this film makes P Vasu ‘Aptha Mithra’ of masses. There is so much strength in the film that elevates the standards of thinking of audience. When the acting comes from the foot of V Ravichandran and director mixing the flash back suddenly makes the audience go roaring in the theatres.

When we look at why these kinds of films are made in democratic India – the point is clear – the masses have lost confidence in law and justice. When a 4th standard studied father Rajendra Ponnappa can give such a class thinking that pooh-pooh the police department and it goes completely flat it is the audience appreciation no doubt. At the same time the strength of the commoner to shake one of the pillars of democracy is also pretty good thinking for cinema.

Rajendra Ponnappa (V Ravichandran) a cable operator is in the habit of seeing cinema. The situations he come across is the application for him in real life to bring up his family – wife Seetha, two daughters Shravya and Sindhu traces one of the difficult times in life. It is the technology of present that plays spoilsport and eventually that becomes very costly in the life of Roopa Chandrasekhar IG of police department.

For Rajendra Ponnappa it is the education of cinema that helps him in overcoming the problems. On the one side mother of missing son IG Roopa Chandrasekhar makes a tough attempt to trace her son. She bows down when the aftermath of resignation episode touches her heart and brings shame.  As we say the ball is now in the opposite party court – here the body is in the vicinity of police station that is known to the audience from Rajendra Ponnappa but police gets beating.

V Ravichandran career best performance one could see from this film. There are many situations that V Ravichandran handled with his experience and going in to the skin of the role. Navya Nayar, Asha Sharat, Swaroopini, Unnithi, Shivaji Prabhu, Achyuth Kumar, Srinivasamurthy, Shivaramanna – all are extraordinary in their roles.

Maestro two songs are well stitched inside the screenplay. The background boss Ilayaraja is no doubt Maharaja. Cinematography by Madhu Neelakantan is top class.

 ‘Drishya’ is a film that you cannot miss every ‘Drishya’ in second half. Go watch it.


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