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Posted date: 11/August/2008

This is an action feast with intelligent story and screenplay. The growth of an action badshah of Kannada cinema Darshan is evident in ‘Arjun’. There are many new thoughts the director focused in this film that are convincing even to the class audience. Especially assembling the rock bottom people in rounding off the criminals to give a crime free city is significant.

For the family audience the father and son relationship is very interesting. It is in fact a mark of respect to all the father figures but it is so sad in both the releases of this week the father character dies.

Darshan in action and perfect uniform attracts in every scene he comes. There are very well thought out dialogues written by Saikrishna. Arjun has learnt kick boxing at the age of 10, kung fu at the age of 14 and Karate at the age of 16. The knife, blade and long does not pierce him is itself enough to bring the Darshan fans to the theatres. The observation of Arjun the P (police) and P (Press) can serve the important P (Public) of this nation is most likeable aspect in the film.

Arjun is the son of Jayasimha Maharaja. The father wants his son to never bog down for anything. A drop of his blood falls on earth he is not ready to give him food. When the villain Soori ask Arjun how much he wants to take bribe to keep shut Arjun connect the phone to his father who says give him Rs.150 crores plus one rupee as bribe he will get corrupt. It was shocking news for the villain Soori. Such a stinking rich Arjun gather all petty thieves at the first stage and does his work with brain power.

His aim is on four hard criminals. They are like North, East, West and South. He finishes one in disguise. He kills another but make him still alive in the eyes of public to counter the other two villains. Arjun has the full powers and his mantra is to ‘Tell and Then Kill’. He has two faces one is good and the other one is bad. No arrest, no FIR is the policy of this high tech cop Arjun. Not only he but his police uniform also does duty. The villain who blasted the police station he makes his house as police station. He is the anemia to the third class citizens of this country.

Finally in Dhanushkotai he sees the end of wrong doers and sees his dead father. The curtain is down in the theatres and so is for the bad elements.

Darshan is swashbuckling once again. He is the perfect and solid cop on screen with good height, weight and looks. His action scenes, dialogue delivery, dance and emotions are very good in this cinema. Meera Chopra has nothing much to do. Ananthnag once again steals the show while Urvashi gives very lively moments. Suman, Amit, Ajay and Sharat the four musketeers are apt. Avinash has a very small role and Kovai Sarala screaming could have been avoided.

Three songs have been very well captures in the cinema. In the title song Arjun is Krishna with lovely thunder thighs surrounding him. Leftalli Jayamala and rightalli Madhubala….akkipete lakkamma naanu sikkapatte kickamma….., Balle Balle…are having the splendor of photography.

PKH Das cinematography is an additional bonus to ‘Arjun’. The foreign locations have been brought colorfully on screen.

This ‘Arjuna’ Sarathya is Shrimanthike and public support not Lord Krishna! For good action, nice father and son sentiment, lovely locations, pleasant and kicking tunes, good performances you can watch this film easily.

A very good entertainer!

Banner – Jayanna Films, Producers – Jayanna, Smt.Shashikala Narendranath, Bogendra, Mohankumar, Story and direction – Shahuraj Shindhe, Music – V.Harikrishna, Cinematography – P.K.H.Das, Cast – Darshan, Meera Chopra, Ananthnag, Urvashi, Suman, Sanjana, Ajay, Amit, Sharat Lohitashva, Bullet Prakash, Saikrishna, Ashok Rao, Shailaja Joshi and others.

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