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Why should boys should have fun is now the old statement of Priyanka Chopra advertisement. Now why blame only men asks the beautiful actress of 30 films and 10 years plus career Haripriya.


The occasion to say like this is ‘Casting Couch’ issue doing rounds after Shruthi Hariharan lashing at a Kannada and Tamil producers on inviting her to bed for giving offers in cinema.


As long as such people extend cooperation there will be such happenings. In the case of casting couch, Haripriya is not ready to blame men. It is because a few have practiced such give and take the situation arises. In my case of 10 years plus there is no such asking. I have grown up from a cultural family. I don’t blame others who want to shine overnight with such decisions.


The beauty with brain Haripriya is heroine of Bell Bottom, she was really in bell bottom in her costume of this 80’s backdrop cinema. She has quite a few interesting films. For all such new roles coming to her ‘Neer Dose’ is responsible. She kept quiet when offers got poured in similar pattern. She is now extremely with films like ‘Sooji Daara, Katha Sangama, Bell Bottom etc.


In Telugu Haripriya has good opening from ‘Jayasimha’ with century star Balakrishna in the lead role. She was very happy and blooming when she explained the welcome she received at her Chickballapura district. Although I was born in Bengaluru till 10th standard I studied in Chickballapura. For ‘Jayasimha’ Kannada cinema, there was procession for Haripriya. With 102 Brahmin families she watched the film in one of the theatres. The Telugu film had some reference to a real life incident.


On her travel in Chickballapura, Haripriya recollected her school days, the places where moved around. In fact there was a house of her father but it was gobbled by someone. When Haripriya explained her earlier days it was like ‘My Autograph’ episode. While speaking about her journey in cinema she explained how ‘Kallara Santhe’ cinema with Yash brought seriousness in acting profession. Sumana Kitthur conducted workshop for that particular film and that had made me very serious about films says Haripriya.


What Madam last year so many got married was the question came up before Haripriya. For me marriage means very important but when I get married, I would definitely allot a few years for the married life. For me giving space for marital life is important. One has to complete responsibilities of marriage she says. After a few years she wants to come back again to cinema with settled family life.


Pretty heroine of Kannada cinema was pretty enough in her intelligence.

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