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Title – KIRAGURINA GAYYALIGALU, Banner – Megha Movies, Producer – Ravindra, Direction = D Sumana Kitthur, Music – Sadhu Kokila, Cinematography – Manohar Joshi,  Cast – Kishor, Shwetha Srivatsav, Sonu, Sukrutha Wagle, Karuna Ram, Achyuth Kumar, Sharat Lohitashva, Sunder, S Narayan, Girija Lokesh, Lakshmi Chandrasekhar, Ravishanker Gowda, Ananthavelu, Mandya Ramesh, Shobaraj, Dharma, KSDL Chandru, Sampath Kumar, Rahul Madhavan, Nikil Manju, Shantha Acharya and others.

Well done ladies. The film releasing a few days after women’s Day is a fitting tribute from Sumana Kiththut and team. The justice to literary genius Poornachandra Tejaswi is done. This one with filthy words at places is no doubt a well made film that speaks on women power. The last scene of the film the women demolishing and setting fire arrack shot is needed. The social concern of the film is focused with grit and determination. As a matter of fact the collective strength of women should take up such causes. It happened when ‘Jeevana Chaitra’ of Dr Rajakumar was released in mid 90s. The shutters of arrack shops were down.

At the outset this film is male bashing. The underdogs are men. At the respective houses or at public places the women are given upper hand. At the beginning two women – Manasa Joshi and Sukrutha Wagle fighting for some silly reason was unwanted. When the director succumbs to novel such mishaps occur. Yet the strength of this director is that she has taken good performance from every actor. The pace and vociferous dialogues will be a good draw at the B and C centers for this KG.

It is a ego clash in the village ‘Kiraguru’. The men are secluded to houses while women are working in the fields. There is another family of Kariya that is specialist in treating the muscular and bone related problems. When Nagavva runs away from her husband Kale Gowda who calls her as impotent the situation burns up in the village. The mantrik Sharat Lohitashva turns fake further boils up the atmosphere. It is Sukrutha Wagle who studies the situation and take the wooden piece in her hand to teach lessons. All the women are given wooden stick to beat men.

The rowdy women – Shwetha Srivatsav, Sukrutha Wagle, Manasa Joshi and Karunya Ram in the end are terrific. Sonu Gowda kills from her serene looks, Sunder has done extremely well. It is different role for Kishore, Kariya, Achyuth Kumar and Sharat Lohitashva. Girija Lokesh, Anantha Velu, Shobaraj, Mandya Ramesh, Lakshmi Chandrasekhar given good support.

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