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Posted date: 17 Fri, Jul 2020 03:21:50 PM

At this Coronavirus crisis time understanding the psychology of the people actor, writer, director, producer Yethiraj has come up with another short film of 6 minutes and 46 seconds ‘14’. Like how Lord Rama had testing time in his 14 years of Vanavas with Seetha and Lakshmana, it is just 14 days enough in this Kaliyug to test the effects of isolation and it is nothing but ‘Atmavalokana’!

Yethiraj has mixed very good emotions in his performance and ‘14’ days obviously refer to the quarantine period in the earlier existing conditions.

Yethiraj doled out good emotions. The people he was in contact – wife, friend, astrologer all come in his mind when he is posted to 14 days quarantine in a posh room they are 
Maja Takies pawan, priya Tarun,   jeevan, mithaali, srikanth acted in this film 2 days shoot was done in HM resort at sriranga pattana.

Finally the suspense is revealed when he wakes up from his sleep. A very good attempt is seen in this short film. It gives room for introspection.

As usual this is one man show from Yethiraj – he has worked in all the departments. This short film ’14 Days’ is in Kalavidha Academy youtube channel.

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