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Posted date: 23 Fri, Mar 2018 10:54:22 PM
Title – Yogi Dhuniya, Producers – Mahesh Siddaraju, Venkatesh Babu, Chandrasekhar Patil and Narayanamurthy, Direction – Hari, Music – BJ Bharat, Cinematography – Manjunath Naik, Cast – Yogi, Hita Chandrasekhar, Vasishta Simha, Ninasam Ashwath, Sandeep and others.
Has the power of hearing a good story, screenplay, dialogues has gone away to noted producer TP Siddaraju and his actor son Yogi?
This question strikes the mind because ‘Yogi Dhuniya’ focuses only on the negative shade of night in Bengaluru. Life in night of Bengaluru as seen by Hari is nothing. He has not balanced the positive and negative aspects in a captivating manner.
Cricket betting, stealing, Prostitution, rowdy activities, consuming alcohol by protagonist is not just ‘Night Life of Bengaluru’. There are many human interest stories that director has failed to catch hold.
Yogi a small time bet finally owns the leadership of the betting den. Before that he falls in love with a prostitute (played by Hita Chandrasekhar). This is after sharing bed with her. He tries all means to save his lover from the prostitute house. He goes to the extent of giving Rs.3000 per day so that his lover does not share with anyone. That was the required earning a prostitute has to generate is the rule of the house.
When everything is fine a mistaken identity comes as a depressing circumstance in the life of lovers. This aspect of saving the lover from the prostitution is a good thought. Yet it is not for the first time.
Yogi is cool as cucumber in his performance. Hita Chandrasekhar picking a daring role in her first film as heroine shows her dashing nature. Ninasam Ashwath has done a good job as Ranganna betting mafia owner. Vasishta wins for his punching dialogues and voice. Sandeep has rendered good support in this film.
Two tunes of this film are worth hearing and meaningful in lyrics, Cinematography has not shown best in Bengaluru. Best is still ‘Balu Mahender’ cinematography of Bengaluru in minds.
It is disappointing for Yogi Fans! Score 2.5/5
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