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YOU MAY WATCH THIS MAY 1ST - Rating:3.5 / 5 ****
Posted date: 24 Fri, Aug 2018 09:12:22 PM

Title – May 1st, Producer – Vani Raju, Direction – SK Nagendra Urs, Music – Satish Babu G, Cinematography – Sandeep Mallikarjun, Cast – Jayaram Karthik JK, Raksha, Poorvi, Rohit, Yamuna Srinidi, Sanjana Prakash, Master Anurag.

You may watch this film ‘May 1st’. That is because of the power, looks, agile build and delectable performance of Jayaram Karthik. SK Nagendra Urs has banked on the ‘Sound Technology’ for this film. At places it is stunning. The fear of the character later transforming as ‘Ghost’ is something unusual.

SK Nagendra Urs pretty good in handling subjects because of his strong editing experience in the cinema profession has made it 124 minutes cinema ‘May 1st’.

He is a super star JK. Married happily with a child Sooraj and wife Raksha (he calls as Devva). As the life is in smooth direction some strange activities bothers him. The mystery he tries to find out and appoint a person on the finding of negative energy in the house.

On tracing the negative energy surrounding his house the shock is that a singer Priya cut her neck in a fit of fear when Rohit approaches her in a dark night. Of course Rohit is in love with Priya a singer. The fear in Priya makes her to commit suicide on that night.

The incident happened in the guest house of JK. He finds strange developments in his child and wife. In fact Priya is very fond of JK superstar of tinsel town. It is on the killing of Rohit by strange force that has entered the body of JK wife Raksha the situation cools down.

JK is perfect to his role. He has the great skill to showcase his talent for this kind of cinema. Raksha is very sweet and has opportunity to tap in coming days. Poorvi as Priya has two melodious tunes and she looks well fit. Yamuna Srinidi has a touch and go.

Cinematography of Sandeep Mallikarjun has given right dark and light shade for the scenes. Music by Satish Babu is very good.

The technical aspects are convincing but they are not visible in a theatre like Anupama. However a good job by JK and SK Urs.

Rating:3.5 / 5 ****

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