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Posted date: 6/August/2009

Not in the copy book style. You can’t say for Darshan! You are in remakes series you ask. He says I never said I am against to remakes. The winning horse of Kannada cinema prefers to an elephant or a tiger to his house rather than KPL franchise is also very angry ‘Boss’. The film ‘Boss’ cannot release so early. I have not done dubbing and two songs have to be completed. ‘I think the producer Ramesh Yadav can release the film in his house’ says the angry Boss Darshan.

Darshan is opening up more nowadays and his shot gun is very sharp. Today evening at 37 Crescent Hotel top floor the top box office actor of Kannada cinema came suddenly at the producer of his film ‘Abhay’ Babu Reddy – ‘I would not do the film for contractors like him’ said Darshan and Babu Reddy reacted suddenly that I have given up contract business 10 years ago. The producer treatment was like ‘Gara Kelasadavanu’ Darshan dashed a reply.

The box office hero Darshan is in the 39th film in his career as ‘Shourya’! He is in Telugu remake again and this time in yet another sister sentiment film that went on the floor on Wednesday morning.

Probably the sure shot image in box office is what making Darshan to go straightforward in his attitudes and approach. For the remake of his like ‘Bhagwan’ to Telugu, ‘Gaja’ to Telugu from where ‘Bhadra’ was brought to Kannada, Indira made as ‘Aaj Ka Wakalat’ in Hindi Darshan apprise the media that from here also the film are attracting other languages. In ‘Shourya’ we are not having such wilderness. We bring it to our standards. Not put the same artists here. See what happened in ‘Pokiri’ – what Prakash Raj had done in Tamil and Telugu, Ashish Vidyarthi is doing it in Kannada.

When Darshan was informed that it is good that now he has told the truth that ‘Gaja’ is a remake of ‘Bhadra’ – ‘Sir Producer Ulkolakke Enadru Madbekalla andhru’.

The tall actor today in Kannada cinema Darshan does not go in for recommendations of heroines. He says it may turn out to be plus and minus.

What happened to the book Darshan has promised on his father and colleagues? It will be released on his father birth anniversary April 25 2010. It will be not only on Togudeepa Srinivas but also on my father colleagues in the villain department he says.

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