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It is only the lack of opportunities at the national and internationally level that kept our loved music composer and lyricist Hamsalekha in Karnataka. Had he got the opportunities he would have been even greater than A.R.Rehman opined the talented music director Stephen Prayog who won the state award for ‘Paris Pranaya’ Kannada film at the audio release of ‘Devanahalli’ Kannada film at Taralabalu Choultry in RT Nagar in Bangalore.

Recalling the caliber of Hamsalekha the ‘Nadha Brahma’ Prayog quoted an example at the time of ‘Sri Manjunatha composition’ – when Raghavendra Rao the 100 plus director sat for composition it is Hamsalekha who did the lyrics and composition in just one minute saying ‘Obbane Obbane Manjunatha Obbane’ – immediately after this Raghavendra Rao stood up and said Gurugaru to Hamsalekha and went ahead of his other work.

Stephen Prayog has scored music for three songs and done remix for two folk songs in ‘Devanahalli’.

Prior to Stephen Prayog speech the veteran the pride of film music Hamsalekha lauded his ‘Shisya’ in abundance besides making a dig at the some of the film makers. No one has to wait for anyone in this world. It is like a stone in a site untouched since many years and finally the young generation using it for the purpose of construction – Stephen is just like that old ‘block’. Nanagaagi over 200 popular songs of mine Stephen ‘Dhare Eraddiddare’. The song Yaarittaru Chukki…..Titanic hero Ivanu Nanna geleya…..are some of the programming he has done staying with me for last 10 years. He is ‘Swabhimanadha Dodda Prathibe’ said Hamsalekha.

Writing the staff notations, experiencing it and then composing it is done by music director Ilayaraja and next is Stephen Prayog said Hamsalekha for thunderous applause in the auditorium.

Today Chitraranga is ‘Muktha’. Star, superstars are not thinking on right films and subject. That is the reason the new band of makers has stood up. For such people the way should be smooth. We want big directors today. When I came to film music there was ‘Khali Vathavarana’. I thought of becoming a director taking inspiration from Gurudut and V Shantharam. But I became music director. I had no one to give fight in my field. That is the reason I gave the ‘Katthi’ to youngsters and ‘Gurani’ naanu Hididhe. For the directors who are coming today the guidelines is important said Hamsalekha.

Hamsalekha also lauded the caliber of director Pallakki Radhakrishna. He is Prathibeya Nidhi. He has started in Davanagere a film institute for rural people. Pallakki has to pick the right route himself properly felt Hamsalekha.
Known for wit and humor Hamsalekha said Ravindra Reddy should change his name to Ravindra Ready to make films.

Yalahanka MLA SR Vishwanath was the chief guest at the audio release function. The highlight of audio release evening was the Yugadharma Ramanna folk songs. At 73 years beating the drum and reciting the wonderful and meaningful lines he stole the heart from everyone.

‘Devanahalli’ audio is brought to the market by Pallakki Institute of Davanagere. I am a Tharalabalu student. Any knowledge that has come to me is only from that institution. In ‘Devanahalli’ film I have touched the Ranabaire Gowda, Tippu Sultan and the recent development with the international airport coming to Devanahalli.


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