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Posted date: 8/August/2009

Holding an important position in the KFCC in the past now resigned as secretary N Kumar although not got the approval for his resignation is an able businessman, thinker and maintain the do good policy for all.

Agreed that the Anti Goonda Act is introduced in Karnataka but the effect of it to be quick for Kannada film and audio industry N Kumar has a ready plan to counter piracy legally and systematically.

According to N Kumar a very meager amount collected from producers and exhibitors – say roughly Rs.15 lakhs annually would be the sufficient fund for hiring nearly 100 policemen, a retired police officer and a lawyer. In the supervision of police officer the batches are created to travel all over Karnataka and they would do the work legally and counter the piracy operators bring them to police station and further a case is filed.

To this effect N Kumar has filed a report in the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce that is not looked at. We cannot wait for the government to take action. We have to set some new standards to safeguard our profits says N Kumar.

The job of this 100 plus cops is not just booking the piracy operators in nook and corner of Karnataka. They would go to theatres and give a report on the condition of theatres, needs etc. Based on this report action has to be taken via Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce all in the interest of producers and audience says N Kumar.

It is in my regime Rs.75 lakh has accrued from the banner registration. It was Rs.2500 when I took over two years ago as secretary and banner registration was hiked to Rs.25000 and now it is Rs.50000.

I don’t know what is happening to the good ideas floated’ says N Kumar in dejection.

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