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Posted date: 13/August/2009

The Megha Movies third venture in Kannada ‘Kallara Santhe’ this time has six songs in the album released by Anand Audio that is roughly 22 minutes of duration. For ‘Aa Dinagalu and Slum Bala’ although songs did really well there were not too many songs. For ‘Kallara Santhe’ a slight relaxation has been thought out by wing commander Agni Sridhar and team.

The crowd that got inside the Bell Hotel on Monday evening really looking like ‘Santhe’ and it was an outstanding function as many of the invitees stood for hours to watch the third contribution of Megha Movies audio release.

Although it was bit difficult to get along with the anchor on that evening the speakers at the audio release praised two persons – Agni Sridhar and Sumana Kitthur the story, screenplay and dialogue writer and director of the film respectively.

Agni Sridhar was the key speaker on that evening solidly batted the questions but one sarcasm expressed by a scribe had he taken it coolly things would have settled down smoothly. However his concern for Kannada language and Naadu is also in the minds of journalists but the restlessness has come up for the quality of Kannada films among the film scribes. Agni Sridhar Good Samaritan work came up from him only when he said he gave three times the more money for the rights for the family of GP Rajarathnam should be widely appreciated. That is for a good cause and doing a good job is always lauded.

Agni Sridhar challenge that he would do a Shivarajakumar film and let any number of ‘Magadheeras’ come opposite to it I will face it would definitely get support of every Kannadigas that also include the film journalists.

Coming back to the audio release V Manohar attribution that his music and songs are safe with Megha Movies was well said. But V Manohar quoting the Tamil lines to support the safety was uncalled for.

Sumana Kitthur as expected thanked her mentor Agni Sridhar and lauded the camera work of Sundarnath Suvarana. Yash felt happy for the stay of two months in this team.
Producer Sa Ra Govindu hailed the team of Agni Sridhar Pattanagere Jayanna released the audio album and as usual wished good luck for the film ‘Kallara Santhe’. Anand Audio Mohan did not speak. Two songs of the film were screened before the audio release made.

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