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Posted date: 14/August/2009

The Kannada Film Producers Association protest in front of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has at last resulted in the suspension of Telugu distributor and a member of KFCC Vijaykumar. This was announced by KFCC President Dr.Jayamala for flouting the norms of release of non Kannada film.

It may be recalled that the distributor Vijayakumar released the ‘Magadheera’ Telugu film in one theatre excess in the first week and 11 theatres more resulting in 32 theatres showing the Telugu film in Karnataka. This has irked the Kannada Film Producers. They staged a protest and asked for the punishment to distributor Vijayakumar who had by that time made a profit of Rs.3 crores from ‘Magaadheera’ Telugu film.

The same Vijayakumar created ripples when he released ‘Jalsa’ Telugu film last year. He is now suspended for breaking laws of the KFCC.

The Kannada Film Producers Association has also made some observations at this crucial juncture – There are eight guidelines the KFPA has put before to follow in future. Looking at the political Karnataka boundary, the theatres showing non Kannada should become members of KFCC, the distributors of non Kannada should not flout the norms, the non Kannada distributors should become members of KFCC, the exhibitors should not increase the ticket price according to their whims and fancies, check on stealing the entertainment taxes….

The guidelines list is signed by KCN Chandrasekhar the President of Kannada film producers association.

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