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Wonders do happen in television circle. It is for the first time in the television history the television serial in Kannada ‘Parijatha’ by Shree Technologies moves from climax to the start. MN Jayanth is the director and creator of this thought. Sri Technologies –Jayanth, Vidya Venkat Rao, Kishore Srivatsa are the producers of this unique television serial for Suvarana television channel. This is on air from 24th of August at 9.30 pm from Monday to Friday.

We have seen recently in English film ‘Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ where the birth of old man, sending him to orphan home from where he starts becoming young and comes to the days of a little boy. Even such an attempt in Hindi is being made starring Amitabh Bachchan and Abhisekh Bachchan.

Now in Kannada television from the 150th episode the episodes travel to the first episode from end to start. MN Jayanth known for some of the wonderful television serials like ‘Sahagamana’ ‘Male Billu’ has thought of this style after three years of his mother’s death on the mothers day. This is a social thriller where the judgment of ‘Shakuntala’ is heard from the first episode. To make the audience like it is the task before me says Jayanth who has story and screenplay for 300 episodes of ‘Parijatha’ in his mind.

The fiction head of Suvarana channel the 24 carat gold smart looking Raghu Samartha is of the opinion the satellite channel is hoping to give different packages to the audience. The channel has done a survey and the result of it is ‘Parijatha’. This is not for the sake of business but to offer different one to audience he said.

Actor Ananthavelu in the field of art from last three decades in cinema and television has seen for the first time the luxuriant style in making for a television serial. He quoted the actor cum producer Jai Jagdish coming to the sets expressing wonder at the making of ‘parijatha’ television serial.

Nagesh Yadav another veteran has got the right role he was looking for. He plays a jailor and his application to get such a role was with director Jayanth.

Kumari Deepu a state award winning actress plays the lead role of ‘Shakunthala’ Ananthavelu, Padma Kumuta and others are in the cast.

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