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Jaggesh was in full bloom a day before the Mahalaya Amavasye day! He was in his usual wit and humor. But this time he spoke on the film ‘Gilli’ starring his sons Gururaj and Yethiraj.

Nearly ten scenes in the film are very close to Jaggesh heart. The scenes between veteran Srinivasamurthy and Gururaj where the father screams at son is what happened in my life. My father considered me as a waste body. He never spoke to me and yelled at me always because once I took away Rs.10000 without informing him.

After that I was missing from his eyes till the film ‘Banda Nanna Ganda’. When he heard about my growth in reel life that supported my real life he sat on a footpath one day. Looking at the posters of my film he cried. After knowing this I came before his eyes and he had the satisfaction in his mind.

Similar is the scene in ‘Gilli’ Jaggesh points. When actor Srinivasamurthy inconsolable collecting tears after the hero in the film his son Gururaj gets a mechanic job in Yamaha I remembered my days. How the father feels satisfied when his son grows with some achievement in life the particular scene explains.

Jaggesh made it clear that he has not taught his son anything in acting department. I thought Gururaj would become a software engineer. But one fine day sitting next to my head disclosed that he wants to become an actor Jaggesh pointed.

The concept of this film Selvaraghavan a close friend of Gururaj maternal uncle deserves complements for the elevation he has given to the script he said.

Jaggesh urged the media to give a good treatment to his on Gururaj in the columns and correct him like how they did for him.

Gururaj mother Parimala Jaggesh was also present at the media briefing. Mother has liked immensely the climax of the film. She urged the media to give support to her son Gururaj like how they had given for her husband.

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