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Among a very few women directors in Kannada cinema this vibrant thinker, journalist and with great perseverance Sumana Kittur is the cynosure of all eyes in Kannada cinema industry today. Hailing from a small village Kittur she is a director today. ‘Slum Bala’ for which she heads the megaphone is releasing on 7th of November. Talked high about the film because it is from the successful producers of ‘Aa Dinagalu’ the debutant director Sumana Kittur is confident for having done a good job.

In an exclusive chat she spoke on various aspects. Here are the excerpts:

Journalist turned director. What advantages you see?
Obviously there are advantages. While I was doing cinema reporting I learned the craft slowly.

Meeting the taste of audience is the focus or you are giving new
dimensions to cinema from 'Slum Bala'?
I have tried a different path. It is my intention to educate the audiences regarding the surroundings in a realistic manner. My cinema will be a mirror to the society.

Is it tough to head the megaphone for a lady?
Initially there were hiccups. Then everything fell in on line. By and large I did not find much discrimination.

Do you see some gaps in cinema medium and fill it in your debut?
Most of the filmmakers have not understood the responsibility of visual medium. From my film I try to explain that responsibility.

In a nutshell – how Slum Bala is interesting to watch?
"Slum Bala" was a violent character. And that violent streak was exploited by police and politicians. Naturally when the plot depicts such a subject, it creates curiosity.

The commercial and Art cinema barricade is made from a long time.
No. I do not yield to that barricade. For me there are only good films and bad films.

Although women are looked as underdogs in society, men too need to correct in many areas. Would you like to focus on such issues in the next films?
Yes. I have such subjects. In "Slum Bala" also there is a woman protagonist.

You have authored a few books. Can you furnish some details about it? Your academic qualification and from where you come?
Only one book is published ‘Lokesh Parasanga’. Other two books will be coming out next year. After finishing Pre University I came to Bangalore for higher studies but became a film journalist. And now I have become a film director. I am from Kittur a small village, which belongs to Piriyapattana taluk.

At what point of time you thought you can become a director?
Almost 3 years ago. One fine morning Mr.Agni Sreedhar asked me to take film direction seriously. I realized it during the making of "Aa Dinagalu” that ran for 100 days.

As a young lady do you believe in that cinema can bring in social change today?

Definitely, any form of art will have an impact on society. Think of Karnataka barring Basava, Kuvempu and Dr.Rajkumar then you will realize the impact of art on society. Of course, cinema will not have an immediate impact. It has the strength and power to shape up the society.

What are other creative thoughts in you?
When you are involved in one creative medium, naturally the creative thoughts from other media will have an influence on you. I am interested in literature, films, music, drama, painting, yoga and spirituality.

Finally what is the expectation from your debut film 'Slum Bala'?
Sensing the curiosity of people around me, I am sure they are expecting a lot. They expect that it will be a good film as well as an entertaining movie. I only hope that "Sum Bala" will meet the expectations.

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