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Posted date: 21/September/2009

Two off beat films – ‘Beli Mathu Hola’ based on Kum Veerabhadrappa’s novel directed by P Ramdas Naidu and ‘Kinnara Bale’ based on Dr Janaki Sundaresh novel directed PH Vishwanath – both the films on the corruption in the system and inhuman attitudes were premiered in Renukamba Studio in the last week.

‘Belu Mathu Hola’ based on the real life incident of robbery in Sunkadakallu was penned by Kum Vee long ago is adapted with some changes on the big screen by Ramdas Naidu speaks on the contemporary issue of police atrocity. The premier show of this film was attended by Girish Kasaravalli, Kum Veerabhadrappa, Manu Chakravarthy, P Seshadri, Lingadevaru, Prasanna and others.

Set in the village background the film ‘Beli Mathu Hola’ makes the audience to understand various aspects in its narration.

‘Kinnara Bale’ a film on the destitute girl taking care of missing dumb girl and her incorrupt mind of doing good is the highpoint of the film of PH Vishwanath. The director taking on the life of deserted girl Noori holds a mirror to the society and the inhuman attitude when the dumb girl is handed over to the right place. This is based on Dr Janaki Sundaresh novel. Baby Madhushree and Baby Shreya play the lead roles in this film.

‘Kinnara Bale’ is about the destitute girl Noori taking care of the dumb girl and giving shelter with great difficulty. Bold, confident Noori ekes out living on her own and safeguard the dumb girl to safety. In return she is suspected. She runs away after the dumb girl reaching the appropriate place.

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