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Veteran director of Kannada cinema B.Rammurthy after losing heavily from the production of Kiladi Gandu, Love Training and Aata Bombata is repenting for losing the beautiful house he has constructed. The house of B Rammaurthy was coined with a slogan ‘Hakkigondhu Goodu Manushyanigondhu Sooru’ – remembering it could not stay permanent in his life B Ramamurthy is of the strong belief the technician should not get into the shoes of production.

At the 51st film – ‘Crazy Kutumba’ B Ramamurthy was speaking to his journalist friends on his two pride projects – one of whish is titled as ‘FM’ – meaning Frequently Missing that will be starring Rose Merchant ‘Orata I Love You’ and now Srikanth’s 100th film ‘Mahatma’ Telugu film CR Manohar brother Gopi.

The second touching subject with B Ramamurthy is very strong one on the father and daughter relationship with the backdrop of Tsunami and HIV Aids. He wants nothing less than Dr Vishnuvardhana to play the lead role of father in it and from this he would be finishing his ambition of directing Dr Vishnuvardhana in career of 31 years. Ramamurthy missed directing ‘Lion Jagapathi Rao’ that went to Om Saiprakash Rao.

B Ramamurthy very humble and unassuming director of Kannada cinema has given many hit films in his career as independent director from 1990. He made an entry as assistant in ‘Naa Ninna Bidalaare’ in 1978 but his first independent direction was also for producer C Jayaram ‘Rudra Thandava’. Rani Maharani, Manamechchidha Sose, Marana Mrudanga, Alli Ramachari Illi Brahmachari, Vajrayudha, Ashoka Chakra, Hrudaya Bandhana and others.

What is astonishing is that B Ramamurthy’s ‘Anuraga Spandana’ the 25th directorial venture could not come out on big screen but it has been screened in Udaya TV for at least 10 times. You know who is the producer of this film? It is K Manju.

The truth what B Ramamurthy has learnt is that one should take the profession very seriously. Compromise with the producer is a hazard for the film is what he has noticed. Such compromises had lead Ramamurthy for a ‘Vanavas’ of 8 years from 1994-2002. It is ‘Swayamkrutha Aparadha’ be admits.

I have faced enough of difficulties in life. It is enough he prays for God. His eldest son is Akshay and younger is Adarsh. Only unfulfilled task of his life is that he has not been able to direct a film starring Dr.Rajakumar although he was very close to the camp.

B Ramamurthy’s 50th film ‘Hey Sarasu’ is shortly due for release.

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