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For taking a look at the City Beautiful you can take look at the authoritative book written by T.P.Issar the former chief secretary of the Karnataka Government. For changing times of this beautiful garden city Bangalore you can go through the English film made by Kannada speaking guy Swaroop Kishen.

‘Bengaloored’ is the film shot in Bangalore on Bangalore changing according to times. Swaroop Kanchi an intelligent youngster is rising to the occasion to showcase the human relationship changing in his film. Harish Raj and Meghana Mudiyan make a wonderful pair in this film ‘Bengaloored’. Vasu Dixit the younger brother of popular music director Raghu Dixit has scored music for six songs and there is one Kannada song ‘Ellogli Shivane….sung by Vasu.

What is all about ‘Bangaloored’ - Bengaloored is an Indian English Feature film set in Bangalore co-Produced by Pradeep Raju & Swaroop Kanchi is the story of a young author who returns to Bangalore after 10 years to find an end to his book, to rediscover the city of his childhood & to seek the comforts of home & above all to find love. He finds that his ancestral house is in frenzy and on the verge of being demolished, his father has remarried after his mother’s death, his best friend is now a monk. The only respite is that he meets the love of his life from school and they get along like a house on fire, but will she heal his wounds? The protagonist struggles to recreate a new life, taking bits & pieces, whatever he can get his hands on to create a life worth living. But life has different plans for him.

This film shot in digital format is now sent for Digital Intermediate. Swaroop besides writing story, screenplay, dialogues, and co producing and directing the film is also editor of the film. He plays a monk too in the film. The life today is technology driven and human relationship is affected. In MG Road and Majestic areas Guruprasad has handled the camera.

Meghana Mudiyan has the perfect role to play because the accent required for the film is also intact and she is the one quite often coming from California to Bangalore in her childhood. She is now settled in Bangalore from last one year. This is a special film reaching word wide Kannada culture could get an entry she says. Meghana plays the role of Radha in the film.

Excited man is the protagonist player Harish Raj. He is speaking English language in this film. At the script reading he was impressed with Swaroop Kanchi. Harish Raj screen name in ‘Bengaloored’ is Babruvahana. Winning always is his goal. He comes from France to Bangalore in the film is astonished with the changes taking place. Apparently director Swaroop Kanchi seeing the photo of Harish Raj in ‘Patta Patti chaddi’ decided that he will work out to his budget limitations. Srinivasa Prabhu, Laxmi Chandrasekhar, RT Kumar, Suma Vinod and Prakash are also in the cast.

Vasu Dixit the younger brother of Raghu Dixit scores music for the first time in a film. Scoring music is very task for me he says. Jolly Dubba, Ritisha and Vasu Dixit have sung for this film. All the songs are in the background for montage shots.

Pradeep Raju partner of Atria Hotel a Tennis player companion of Swaroop Kanchi father Saikumar got the connection easily to be a part of this film as co producer.

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