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Posted date: 26/December/2009

The dream merchant of Kannada cinema V Ravichandran is not only upset with not getting the agreed amount for his conduct of Amrutha Mahotsava cultural event but because of the way in which some of the people bringing in rules. I was given half the payment agreed and not bothered about remaining. That is because the affection I got from all the artists can keep me in home for 10 years thinking about such a wonder said V Ravichandran.

When his attention drawn on the limitation of raw stock and funds to complete the film Ravichandran was wild in his expression! The law makers should follow it. Cinema field is creativity. Unless I am happy I would not stop shooting. For Manjina Hani I have exposed 250 rolls and still need 100 rolls. Who are these people to curtail me? They should decide how they should do and not pass guidelines. At this point in the industry unity, logic and understanding are very important. The point of saving is there in everyone mind. When the people are frustrated and not looking at the theatre side how best effort has to be made to bring them should be thought.

For me smooth start, smooth completion and acceptance of the audience are important. The loss and gain is ours. In case of losses the associations passing laws would not come to help and in case of profit we do not give it to them.

On the percentage system much talked about now V Ravichandran says the reduction in theatre rent is only way out. Percentage set up cannot work out for Kannada films. The rental should be fixed on the value of it. When 10 percent reduction was proposed I asked for writing statement from exhibitors for three years. They did not agree. I came out. For every now and then and ticket price increase on the budget of the film they should not poke the nose I said the unity was not expressed said the crazy star.

On the Aindrita Ray and Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar case also V Ravichandran said the issue should have come to the association not going to the streets. Slapping is there in the industry as what I see. I myself slapped at many for other reasons. This is a family issue and not go to the media felt Ravichandran.

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