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Posted date: 26/December/2009

The sexy siren the 35 films luscious heroine of South India Namitha in a chat on Friday evening on the sets of ‘Hoo’ Kannada film at Innovative Film City says she is very much irked at seeing the ‘Pissing’ done every where in India. A man is free because he can piss everywhere he likes saying was brought to her notice. Reacting immediately to it ‘Kissing’ everywhere in foreign countries is also freedom said the lovely actress that resulted in laughter.

We give you some of the highlights of a chat with ‘Namitha’ the most wanted in South Indian films.

  • I have accepted V.Ravichandran film because I am comfortable with the actor. On off the screen he gives lot of respect.
  • In ‘Hoo’ I play house wife role to V Ravichandran. It has glamour element and performance. In last two years of my career this is the best to come. The first thing I asked to Raviji is that am I playing item dancer. He said no. I was happy. He does not make bull shit films that are worthless I know pretty well. The role I play here has substance. I need not have to worry much when Ravichandran is the hero and director.
  • I feel saturated with roles sometimes. I am looking for more performance kind of roles.
  • I want to take up work on women abuse especially I hate the abortion cases I want stringent laws to come. If I am in the seat of power I would definitely make strong laws.
  • As a woman I want to bring in equality for woman fraternity.
  • I get late night calls and disturbing messages in the email. I am contemplating on the police complaint in some cases.
  • Namitha Fans Association is coming up with two temples in Chennai and Coimbatore. I am happy with it.
  • I am glamorous and I am sexy. I hate sarees to wear. It does not suit me well. Jeans and tops I love. In public functions I go with minimum make up.
  • I sleep well, drink water well and eat well. Every two and half an hour I need to eat something.
  • My best mail comes from Palani. He writes very lovely lines and all rubbish messages I get go on the one side with a message from my fan in Palani.
  • I do not want to see people pissing in front of the walls. After getting down from flight near the airports I have seen people pissing. This should be banned and spot fine should be there. It has become very much of freedom here like kissing in foreign countries.
  • I was given one costume at foreign locale for Kannada cinema ‘Indhra’ when I tried at the time of shooting it was four inches short and two inches deep in the neck. I shouted at it. Producer and director told me I am paid to wear it. ‘You are talking to Namitha’ be careful I said. The film gave me horrible experience. I do not want to mention about that film in my career of 35 films.
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