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The ‘Bharjari-Sarjari’ doctor Vittala Rao of ‘Silli Lalli’ is carrying his image over a decade but he wants a terrific role that surpass it – the waiting for this to happen is a long process he says recalling his early days and connecting it to the role he has performed in ‘Purusoth Rama’ a comedy flick of three different age group hitting silver screen on 11th of December, 2020.

·         I am waiting for a role to forget Vittat Rao….that is not happening.

·         The title of this film Purusoth Rama is close to eight months of ‘Purusoth’ because of Corona.

·         In the last eight month eating Bajji and Bonda has put on weight. Once the industry started I started doing work out = lost three kilograms.

·         In this Corona period the thinking has changed among the people in this world.

·         As the days are back to normalcy I remember Dr Rajakumar song – Cinema Drama irali….

·         I recollected my days of struggle working for this film. Early in the morning I used to work as a paperboy for one hour, next one hour was a milkman job – giving milk door to door. At this time in Mandya it is Vishukumar, former bureaucrat of the Information department, who recognized me.

·         Not only pushing newspapers to houses and giving milk door to door, I have fixed not less than 500 antennaas…in the free time I had even sold vessels – all such work to support the family. In my school days I used to hide doing my work because my friends might identify me.

·         According to me any work should be done with dignity – question of Avamana should not be there at all.

·         In the family two sisters marriage responsibility on my head. Father was affected with cancer. I developed good friends after I came to Bengaluru with one background of singing.

·         Nearly I spent Rs.6 lakhs each for my sister’s wedding. Maintaining status was another blockade for me. Two years ago I cleared the loans (my friends have given interest free) recalled Ravishanker Gowda.

·         In this film ‘Pususoth Rama’ – I don’t have work. Shivaraj KR Pete is married but no work, hero and director of the film Rithik Seru is lazy. We are three spending time on ‘Aralikatte’ doing all the nonsense.

·         Ravishanker to the present generation said it is not easy to become Puneeth, Sudeep, Darshan or Shivanna. It is only after struggle. One has to grow from stages to stay strong he opines.

·         Ravishanker advised producer cum heroine of the film Manasa not to lose hope. You have knowledge and that would take you to good status he felt.

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